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Relativity of Albert Einstein and Adam Yamey

Both Albert Einstein and Adam Yamey are descended from the following:
He had a son MOYSES EINSTEIN who in turn had a son whose first name is now forgotten.
He had a son DAVID VEIT EINSTEIN (died 1763) who married Caroline ERHLICH.
David Veit had a son NAPTHALI EINSTEIN (died 1799). Napthali married Helene STEPPACH.
*One of their children was RUPPERT EINSTEIN (1759-1834) whose great-grandson was Dr Albert EINSTEIN(1879-1955)*
*Another of their children was JOSEF EINSTEIN (1754-1834) whose great-granddaughter was HEDWIG RIESER (1867-1955)See RIESER Family Tree Adam Yamey is the great-grandson of Hedwig Rieser*

The famous musicologist Alfred Einstein(1880-1952) shares a common ancestor,Moyses Einstein (see above), with Albert Einstein and Adam Yamey


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