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World War 3 is coming. What you must understand are 4 things.


George Bush will win the election in 2004, likely through fradulent means. Those in power now will do anything to maintain it. They do not care for the constitution. The United States will continue to be involved militarily in the Middle East. We now have forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mark my words, sometime in 2006 President Bush will launch a dual assault on Syria and Iran. This will likely be preceeded by a second terrorist attack, most certainly more destructive than 9/11. This will give the President the necessary support to wage his war. With an occupying force still in Iraq, and invasion forces bogged down in Syria and Iran, the United States military will be thinly stretched. Additonally, the act of the USA invading two more Arab countries will incite mass anger throughout the middle east, and create a rise in terrorism.


Vladamir Putin recently won a Presidential election in Russia, because the media is heavily controlled by the state and his opponents were not given anywhere near a fair chance. The government under Putin has grown ever more undemocratic. It has been gradual, but will continue. Understand that this man was an agent of the KGB. The Soviet Union may have fallen, but many live who wish to restore it, and those men have access to power in the new government. The authoritarianism will increase. Russia desires nothing more than to re-establish their lost empire.


China seeks to rule Taiwan. It has been so for many years. Recently China has been more agressive in their politics towards Taiwan. The only reason China does not use military force is because it knows Taiwan is backed by the United States, and that the US will intervene. Expect China's desire to rule Taiwan to increase.


When the United States invades Syria and Iran, expect the relations to be further stretched. The European Union will also gain more political influence. A movement for a united European nation will be in existence by 2010. The European Union will have a great deal more political power than it does in its current form.

Now, what does this all add up to? The key is that US forces will be tied up in the Middle East. The United States will be unable to intervene should China attack Taiwan. And that is the thinking of the Chinese rulers. Therefore, in late 2006 or early 2007, China will invade Taiwan. North Korea will follow suit and invade South Korea. Nuclear weapons may or may not be used. The United States has nearly all of its forces pinned down in the Middle East. It will be unable to respond immediatelly. A draft will be called up. The United States will declare war on China and North Korea. There will be unprecedented civil conflict in the USA. The dissent of the vietnam era will seem like nothing. The USA will call on Europe to aid them. Britain will send help, and possibly a few others, and they will be expelled from the EU. The EU will then consist of Spain, Germany, France, and whatever is left. They will remain neutral for the time being. Russia then, it it's plan to re-establish it's empire, will take this oppurtunity and declare an alliance with China, North Korea, Iran, and Syria. Weapons and supplies will be sent to those locations. The United States and their European allies will declare war on Russia. The EU will then declare war on the United States and the US European allies and make an alliance with Russia. We will then be at a global war unlike we have ever seen.

This is going to happen. By 2008, the earth will be embroiled in the deadliest war in human history. I do not know how long it will last or who will be victorious. I can think of several possibilities:

1. Nobody wins. It is the end of the world, so to speak. After a few years of catastrophic battle, no clear winner is in site. Devestation litters all 7 continents. Nuclear weapons have been used on occassion, as well as chemical and biological weapons. The war will conclude with a final nuclear holocaust, cold-war style, that will destroy most of civilization. No governments will last. The few million survivors will be left in a wasteland to rebuild humanity, if it can be rebuilt. This is near Armageddon. Death toll: Approx. 4.3 - 5.6 Billion

2. Stalemate. As above, the war ravages much of the earth, and weapons of mass destruction have been used. Chaos reigns. No victory is in sight. Around the years 2014-2016, the war will still be in a stalemate. A shaky agreement is made to end the war before an all out nuclear battle is launched. Concessions are made on each side. There is no winner or loser. Death toll: Approx. 410 - 600 million

3. China/Russia Victory. The United States, with it's largely drafted army, is unable to successfully invade China and Russia. They face increased resistance in the Middle East, opponents now financed by the Russians. Terrorists aqquire nuclear weapons from Russia. 3-5 nuclear bombs are detonated in the United States. Russia sends a massive air bombing campaign against Alaska and invades. China holds off an American invasion. US troops are bogged down in guerilla warfare in the Middle East. Taiwan is taken by China, South Korea is taken by North Korea. China sends troops to Russia. The EU invades US Allied European countries with Chinese/Russian aid. Russian troops enter the United States by 2011. Mass dissent among the US populace ensues. Either through the will of the people or through the force of the Russian army, the US government will collapse by 2013. The entire European/Asian landmass will be ruled by Russia and China. The Middle East will be heavily influenced and controlled by Russia and China, as will Africa and Australia. The North American continent will be occupied for sometime before new, Russian/Chinese governments are installed. Death toll: Approx 330-490 million

4.US Victory. The United States and it's European Allies face many setbacks. Taiwan and South Korea will initially fall to China and North Korea. The Europen Allies will suffer heavy attacks from the European Union and the Russians. The United States will mount joint air campaigns against China and Russia. An invasion of China will take place by early 2010. It will face extreme difficulties and high casulties, but it will eventually succeed. Taiwan will be liberated. Russia will send large amounts of aid to protect China. The European Allies will push through the European Union and launch an invasion of Russia. China will eventually surrender and Russia will inevitably fall by 2015. The United States government will be much more authoritarian. It's influence will extend more deeply than ever before over the European/Asian landmass. They will continue to face uprisings from the Middle East, but will have won the larger World War. Death toll: Approx. 320 - 500 million.