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Nixon's Political Career Before the White House

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    Richard Nixon had an unique political career. He began his quest for the presidency in 1947 as a U.S representative for California. He held this office until 1951. From 1951-1953 Nixon was in the Senate and moved into a White House position from 1952-1960 as the Vice President under Dwight Eisenhower. Following this political position was his downtime as a political figure. Nixon was defeated for the President in 1960 to John F. Kennedy, and was also defeated in the Governor for California race in 1962.

    Following his failures to capture a political title, Nixon became a Wall Street lawyer for five years.  Nixon didnít stray far from the Republican Party during these five years. He was constantly on the road talking to people about the Republican Party.

    Nixon was back on the Presidential ballot for the 1968 election after obtaining the nomination for the Republican Party. Nixon squeaked by Hubert Humphrey by receiving less than 1% more of the popular vote than Humphrey.