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Two Definitions of Watergate

Watergate: A luxurious hotel located along the Potomac River that accommodates for weddings, conferences, and getaways.

Watergate: 1) An apartment and office complex in Washington, D.C., from the scandal following the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters there in 1972. 2) A scandal usually involving abuses of office, skulduggery, and a cover-up (definition provided by Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


    The definition we would most likely go by today would be the second of the two. You can easily summarize the Watergate incident as a burglary gone wrong with too many tracks to cover. The men broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in order to get more information on their strategies for the upcoming election. Before the break-in, wiretaps had been placed in the Oval Office by Nixon which proved to be the dumbest move Nixon made as president. Following the break-in was a battle over whether or not Nixon had to turn the tapes over. It was also revealed that Nixon was part of the coverup