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BB's Pony Shop

All ponies are avaliable for sale or trade. Please bear in mind that I do live in the UK so shipping will be a little bit more. The only methods of payment I accept are listed below: International Buyers-Cash in either US Dollars/UK Pounds Sterling. UK Buyers-Cash in UK Pounds Sterling or Cheques All Items are shipped in either padded mailing bags or in some cases boxes suitable for the item size and quantity unless specifically asked for by the buyer I do try to provide accurate descriptions of all ponies but sometimes I do miss flaws and I am happy to refund if the pony is not up to the description described

Ponies (1983-95)

10th Aniversary Pony-Okay condition. Streamers still in hair but flat and scratched. Tinsel in hair still in good condition as is the actual hair, silky and brushable. Symbols very good. Some light pink highlighter marks to her chest. (2)($3)

Boysenberry Pie-Fantastic condition all round. Slight annoyance is that tail flicks upwards slightly where she has been stood still. Still, no frizz excellent condition. (3) ($4)

Baby Bouncy-Nice condition pony from what I can see. Symbol still clear but I think it may have faded a little on the non display side. Mane and tail in good condition but a little dry (2) ($3)

Baby Rainfeather-Hair silky snd brushable. Symbols excellent, no marks very good! (2.50)($4)

Baby Rainflower -Everything about her is mint. She has fab symbols, hair is very good (although a tiny bit dry. (2.50) ($4)

Flutter Pony Yum Yum-Symbols very good and clear. Hair ok, a litle bit crunchy and frizzy but not too much so it swamps the pony. Curls around under her chin. No marks, nice on display. (3) ($6)

Peachy-Hair dry, needs a good shampoo. Symbols good but faded to white. Clean body. Mane has been cut at the base of the mane (not too noticable when on display) (1) ($1.50)

Posey-Beautiful magnenta tulips, really bold and bright. Mane good but needs a clean, faded to white. Tail has been in a braid and needs a condition. Faded to white. Nice clean body. (2) ($3)

Applejack-Orange apples, in good clear condition. Body clean and clear. Tail has been trimmed (it does not reach the ground, about an inch of the ground), mane also trimmed but as her hair is supposed to be a short bob anyway it isnt too noticable. I'd say it has been trimmed by about a half inch (1) ($1.50)


Free with orders over $6...Pink step to C&C Salon, Orange party hat, Holder to Majestys blue mirror, blue horseshoe holder,blue party favour, yellow ruler, mint green sundae from SS sweet shop,small lilac roller from C&C Salon...just choose whichever item you want when ordering anything over $6. NB:One item per order.Items avaliable in this particular offer are only the items underlined above. Any items below this message are for sale only.



* Princess Serenas Aqua Hat * Girls cotton Nighty *


*Eyeshadow case from C&C Salon*Green hostess trolley w/ pink tray from C&C Salon*


Diaper Box*Pink till from C&C Salon*Snowman pocket pal* *Lilac Rattle*Duck pull toy*Pink puppy pick w/ blue hair*Lilac bear barette*Blue bird barrette*First tooth baby pillow/yellow/blue*Bridal pony hair barette*Pink pillow w/ roses and lace* 4x yellow cupcakes UK Kitchen* 4x blue mugs UK Kitchen* 2x blue plates UK Kitchen* Blue saucepan w/lid UK Kitchen* Blue mixing bowl UK Kitchen* Blue Cookie tray UK Kitchen* Yellow pie UK Kitchen* Green Pie Tray UK Kitchen* Green rolling pink UK Kitchen* Green mixing spoon UK Kitchen* Green Tongs UK Kitchen* Shower cap from C&C Salon* Diaper Box*

My Wantlist

Candy Canes -Caramel Crunch Perfume Puff -Red Roses -Sweet Lily Unicorns and Pegasus -Medley -Firefly -Windy Dance and Prance -Twirler -Player Baby Fancy Pant -Baby Starburst -Baby Splashes Playtime Baby Brother -Baby Paws -Baby Countdown -Baby Leaper First Tooth Babies -Baby Tic-Tac-Toe Newborn Twins -Snookums -Milkweed -Tumbleweed Newborn Babies -Wiggles Windwing Ponies -Cool Breeze Sundae Best -Coco Berry -Peppermint Crunch -Sherbet Brush and Grow -Bouquet Magic Message -Teddi/Cuddles -Mirror Mirror Big Brothers -Cheif -Steamer -Tex -Tug/Salty -Quarterback Sweetberry Ponies -Cherry Treats -Cranberry Muffins Tropical Babies -Baby Beachball Flower Fantasy -Flowerbelle Princess Ponies -Tiffany Flutter Ponies -Wind Drifter -Cloud Puff 7 Characters Tales -Patch -Starlight Best friend Babies -Susie and/or spot Bedtime newborns -Baby Stargaze -Baby Sunset