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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! To All Future Mary Kay Reps: I urge you to look further into this WONDERFUL opportunity. It lives up to all of its expectations AND MORE! I have never been happier, and know you will soon feel the same. This is SUCH a WONDERFUL opportunity that Mary Kay and this fantastic career opportunity has even been featured in a 2hr special on A&E---it has been airing lately----check your local listings!!! First and foremost, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason you can't make a huge success of this career! Please, just don't settle, there is NO reason for it!!! Mary Kay offers REALISTIC results---it is not just a "pipe-dream"! Sucess is within YOUR reach!! I can't stress this enough.... Contact me today for details! Things You Should Know..... Documented Career Statistics: 1. Mary Kay has been rated the #1 Cosmetics dealer in America since 1993! 2. More women make over $100,000 selling Mary Kay than in ANY other company across America! 3. Rated as the top ten BEST companies for women to work for!

If you enjoy helping others, long to work from home, and be a part of a stable and HIGHLY supportive 40yr old company, than this is the career from you! Not to mention the products are fantastic and sell themselves. If you have been looking, looking, and looking for a legitimate home based business, like myself, you can now look no further. Don't waste anymore time or money on other home businesses.

Mary Kay is #1!!!Focus your energies here, and it will pay off for you! You are backed by an absolutely wonderful company, so you can't expect anything but succeed. I am telling you, YOU CAN DO THIS! I just can't stress this enough...

I truly look forward to being your Mary Kay mentor. Just contact me today or ASAP to get started! I can have you up and running your new business in about a weeks time!!

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