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Novaguild TOP100

Welcome, today is

posted by Eradicate 2/24/02

This weekend was full of fun, kind of... Anyway, Saturday we played JAG for the second time for the TOS tourney and we were victorious 3-0. Today we played =SoD= for the last map of our postponed match, which they were short but still played, and we won 7-2, ggs SOD! The other match was against TS in FB in a best of 5. Started out good, we were down 1-2-1 but we came back and tied it up. We were winning in the flag count 9-5 (TO 9, TS5), when TS says the tiebreaker will be played on Endzone but according to the rules we had to play Gauntlet. Well TS refused to play it so that right there is like forfeiting. Did I mention they were hosting and playing? Isn't this the squad that takes pride in respect and honor? Well, so much for their virtues.

posted by Gambit 2/21/02

Today we bid a sad farewell to Silentbob, who retires from DF2. Bob has been with the squad for almost the entire time it has been around, and his hillarious comments and obnoxious racial slurs will be missed. Due to a couple of players returning from inactivity, our roster remails full.

posted by Gambit 2/19/02

We welcome GypsyGirl to the team! We are now full.

posted by Gambit 2/18/02

Today we bid farewell to Cirro, who leaves the team due to to lack of interest in DF2. Good luck in Ghost Recon!

posted by Eradicate 2/9/02

And the flames will begin... *HR* didn't want to play Savannah (which is a stock map) and it is a played map in teamplay's ladder so Bo (i think thats his name) refused to play even after we told him it would be a forfeit. Too bad.

posted by Eradicate 2/8/02

Ok, even though Gam is updating the page now(if the page looks out of whack, its gam's fault lol), I need to post this. The Test of Skill tourney is looking for a new Admin to run its future events if indeed someone wishes to keep it going. E-mail me at and I will get back to you. Thanks.

posted by Gambit 2/7/02

Today Asschun returns to the team! Welcome back!

posted by Gambit 2/4/02

Congratulations to TO for their victories over =NRA=, ~RAP~, *DM*, *SM*, /I\, and ~ZW~. We also welcome J. Argentina to the squad, and bid farewell to Burney as he leaves to join ™. Good luck!

posted by Eradicate 1/10/02

Congratulations to TO for 80th win against ~RAP~. Also, StormTrooper and Inchy decide to go back to their original squad, =SoD=. Good luck bros! We also would like to welcome Mainframe to the squad!

posted by Eradicate 1/5/02

Congratulations to TO for some more wins, haven't updated the news lately because I am lazy but its all good. Good games to all our opponents!

posted by Eradicate 12/26/01

Congratulations to TO for their victories over SE, JAG, MGC, GH, SF and MASH. We will have a new site layout sometime in the near future but the date is not certain yet. TO hopes everyone had a merry christmas and has a happy new year!

posted by Eradicate 12/1/01

Congratulations to TO for their victory over tre in a best of 3 TDM match. We would also like to welcome a few new members; Justin, Anti-Pick, Flavor and Jedi.

posted by Eradicate 11/26/01

TO public server stats are up, click here to see your stats.

posted by Eradicate 11/17/01

The Triumphant Ones along with =NRA= and =SoD= will be putting together the official DF2 tournament site. Sure, novaguild and ragingwars are great tournament sites, but they won't pay attention to issues like we will. We are active DF2 squads that actually play DF2, therefore we would know the best decision for that situation. If not, I am sure we would have a more appealing conclusion than Novaguild or Ragingwars (no offense intended). This site will have Player of the weeks, special events and host all game types. If anyone would like to make or help with the site please visit our public forum and speak up :). Thank you.

posted by Eradicate 11/11/01

The Teachers Bring Out the Beating Sticks. Yes, :TO: has decided to come back. We are not accepting any challenges. Although, we might take up some scrims, contact Gambit.

posted by Eradicate 10/13/01

TO is now officially retired. Thanks for all the squads that have supported us in our quest for the longest winning streak out of any squad in DF2 (65). This time its for real, we won't be coming back. We have proved ourselves to every contending squad in DF2 and we had fun doing it. Thanks for the ride guys, see ya later.

posted by Burney 10/13/01

Congratulations to :TO: for their victory over -ZTV- in a best of 5 CTF, Great games -ZTV-! Screenshots are posted in the Battle Section.

posted by Burney 10/9/01

All the NovaGuild Squad forums were flushed including ours. I've updated the site with the link of our new Public Forum. You can Click here or in the Public Forum link located to your left to access it.

posted by Burney 9/23/01

Congratulations to :TO: for their victory over *Sc* in a best of 5 TDM, Good games *Sc*. Screenshots are posted in the Battles Section.

posted by Burney 9/22/01

Congratulations to :TO: for their victory over WAR in a best of 5 CTF, Great games WAR! Great sportmansip and humor. Screenshots are posted in the Battles Section. Also, there is a new Picture of the week, courtesy of Demo-D. LOL List has been also updated, check it out!

posted by Burney 9/20/01

Welcome our newest members, Zepplin:TO: and Shocker:TO: to the squad! They will be great additions to this squad. Welcome aboard gentlemen. The LOL List will be updated this weekend, thanks to HeadSeeker for the score additions. If you want to post your score contact me via ICQ or post it on our Public Forum.

posted by Burney 9/13/01

:TO: Website Updated. I've added a couple of things like the New :TO: Music Corner and the Picture of the Week. This new sections will be updated weekly unless someone chooses a very lame song. If you want to request a New song or a New Picture, post your requests at :TO: Public Forum. Also, I've been talking with wired~UFOK~ to see if I can create a "LOL" List for DF2 just as he has done for LW. It's a very good idea, and it basically consists on posting very bad scores from very known people in the DF2 Community. This is meant to have a good laugh and there is no space here for immature jokes or any offense. That's all for now, have a good day.

posted by Eradicate 09/9/01

Congratulations to TO for their victory over =SoD= in a best of 5 CTF , Great games =SoD=. Also our victories against GH in a best of 5 TDM match and Best of 5 TDM against SyN. Hope to play you again.

posted by Eradicate 08/26/01

Congratulations to TO for their victory over TKA in a best of 5 TDM Match and CNV in a best of 3 CTF Match. Great games!

posted by Eradicate 08/14/01

Welcome our newest members, Hannibal:TO: and Burney:TO: to the squad! We finished recruiting as of now and looking forward to our upcoming matches!

posted by Eradicate 08/08/01

Welcome our newest members, Demon:TO: and Maniac:TO: to the squad! We may recruit a couple of more peeps, pending on how many show up in upcoming matches.

posted by Eradicate 07/30/01

Congratulations to TO for their victory over ~1AC~ in CTF. Good game ~1AC~. Screen Shots are posted in the Battles Section.

posted by Eradicate 07/30/01

Well, some of our members left for other squads, some retired, however we are still alive and kickin'. Enlist applications will now be reviewed as we may be looking for a couple of more members.

posted by Eradicate 07/27/01

Well, some of us wanted to keep going, so here we are. We are back with a new attitude. With a couple of members leaving, we aren't looking to win EVERY game. We are just gonna fun, no more stressin out in a close match. Heh. Anyway, today we played GH in ctf and took em 3-0, ggs GH!

posted by Eradicate 07/27/01

Congratulations to TO for their DF2 season. Due to lack of interest, motivation and almost no competition, we have decided to stop DF2. Most will still play DF2 and join other squads to make DF2 more competitive. We are known as the monopoly squad of DF2. Taking all the elite players from other squads and putting them together. Together we brought 5 titles and 50 straight wins. Congratulations to the squads that did give us a hard time (WAR, ZTV, atv).

In order, we will leave DF2 with the following members that deserve a fine recognition of their play on TO: Aftermath, Asschun, Boss Hog, Cirro, Crazy, Crosshair, Darksun, Death, Det Cord, Demo-D, Diablo, Eradicate, Galt, Goose, Headseeker, Incinerate, Lethal Beast, Neo, Recoil, Silentbob, Slider, SOC, and Violater. Thanks and good luck!

posted by Eradicate 07/16/01
Congratulations to TO for their victories over ~UN~ and =ASF= in TDM. Also, TO defeats ZTV for the LWB Championship. Screens are posted in the Battles section.

posted by Eradicate 07/12/01
Congratulations to TO for their victory over *atv* for nvg's semi finals. Screens are posted in the Battles section.

posted by Eradicate 07/11/01
Congratulations to TO for their victory over TKA. Screens are posted in the Battles section.

posted by Aftermath 07/06/01
Welcome Neo to the Triumphant Ones! We also welcome Galt, Cin and Knight aka Reefer. Also congratulations to Aftermath and Eradicate for defeating Burney and Wolverine in the 2V2 Sniper Team Deathmath. We are FULL right now so we are not accepting any applications, also please dont ask us to join.

posted by Eradicate 07/05/01
Congratulations to :TO: for their victory over *atv* for the's semi finals. And we welcome Crazy/r@R to the squad.

posted by Eradicate 07/04/01
Congratulations to the Triumphant Ones for winning the *CNV* Summer Killfest CTF Tournament with an undefeated record.

posted by Aftermath 07/01/01
Congratulations to Eradicate for his 30-12 victory over Relic for Nvg's Season 3 DM Championship. Also Slider joins our ranks!

posted by Aftermath 06/25/01
Okay no divisions on roster but it does have players game type this is how it will go. TDM: Boss Hog is CO, Crosshair is XO. CTF: Eradicate is CO, Violator is XO. TKOTH: Aftermath is CO, Shady is XO. The CO's will be the match makers and the XO's will be the recruiters. ALSO, we are looking for TKOTH players if you are interested ICQ Shady at 67223832.

posted by Eradicate 06/25/01
Four wins that are to be announced tonight. We had 2 TDM matches against LoE, a forfeit win on Sunday, and a TKOTH match we didn't even know about. We pretty much locked up the *CNV* Summer KillFest with 6 points and our last match will be against the euro squad, -T-. We will also be having another Championship match this week, the LWB CTF vs -ZTV-.

posted by Eradicate 06/24/01
Everyone please give a big welcome to Recoil. Congratulations to TO in their victory against .oS.

posted by Eradicate 06/22/01
Everyone please give a big warm welcome to the df2 god, Asschun. Also we bring St. Vicious to the squad!

posted by Aftermath 06/21/01
Everyone welcome Commander to :TO: who was very talented when he was with *SAW* back when they were in DF2. He hasnt played in about 10months but will be back in shape in no time!

posted by Eradicate 06/18/01
Everyone please welcome Death and Zepplin to the squad! Also, TO defeats ~LSA~ for the Outkasts tourney by forfeit.

posted by Eradicate 06/17/01
Congratulations to TO in their victory over *(G)* for the *CNV* Summer KillFest Tourney. Screen shots are posted in the battles section. Congrtulations to Eradicate for winning the !UC! nova tournament. I am sorry to say that James Bond is no longer with us due to DF:LW complications. Also, Goose joins our ranks! Please welcome him.

posted by Eradicate 06/15/01
Thanks to Kevin (Prosniper) for putting our new music player. There are 10 songs, you have to listen to every song or else your not cool! The music we will be playing is going to have Explicit language. Please go to the bottom of the page and stop it. lol. Thanks, era.

posted by Eradicate 06/14/01
Congratulations to :TO: on their victory over *G* in a best of 5 Flag Ball match. It was a hard fought match by both teams. Good games *G*!

posted by Aftermath 06/13/01
Every1 welcome "THE BOSS" to :TO:(which is Boss Hog if you dont get it), he is the best knifer in the game which every1 knows and thats the only reason we got him :)

posted by Eradicate 06/12/01
James Bond:TO: joins our ranks! Please welcome him. He will be bringing FB knowledge to the squad.

posted by Eradicate 06/11/01
Today we are sorry to see AERO and Demo-D retire from DF2. Congratulations to TO in their victory against ~RAP~ for the Semi-finals of the LWBarrack's CTF tourney. Screen shots are posted in the battles section.

posted by Eradicate 06/08/01
Congratulations to TO in their victory against *CNV* for the CNV summer killfest tourney.Screen shots are posted in the battles section.

posted by Eradicate 06/03/01
:TO: advances to round 2 of the DFW tourney. I told the forum moderator to post something for me since i can't, hopefully he does.

posted by Eradicate 06/03/01
Congratulations to :TO: for their win against ZTV for the *CNV* Summer Killfest. We now have 3 points and are looking forward to bumping off -T- for the top spot. Good luck! Also, Cirro needs a news headline about him joining. Well there ya go almighty one!

posted by Eradicate 06/01/01
Silentbobby joins our ranks! Welcome back Darksun! We have our match vs ZTV Sunday and a possible match vs =Sc2= tomorrow. Good luck to both teams.

posted by Eradicate 05/26/01
Congratulations to :TO: in their victory against *BoC* and ~UN~. We move on to Round 3 of lwbarrack's CTF tournament where we will face ~RAP~. Good luck to both teams.

posted by Aftermath 05/25/01
Congratulations to :TO: in their victory against ~RAP~ for the 2nd round of the CNV Summer Killfest yesterday. We would like to give a special thanks to Proteus SSD for making us this great site, good job! Also Justin steps off :TO: saying DF2 is just gay and has no interest lol, well GL with ZGi in df3. Also our good friend Yukon joins :TO: welcome him! We also had a match today vs LLE in CTF which we won 3-0, although during the 3rd and final map AA turned on a speed cheat. But we still won gg's fellas. Also, this just in Mogly joins our ranks welcome him also lol. Also,<> works! Thanks to ProSniper for changing it.

posted by Proteus «SSD» 05/24/01
New site goes up! Hope you all like it! I know I'm not on your squad, but I made your freeking website lol! Peace!

posted by Eradicate 05/20/01
Congratulations to :TO: in their victory against ~WN~ in a best of 5 TDM. Great sportsmanship by ~WN~. Also, welcome our newest member, Fate.

posted by Eradicate 05/19/01
Today we played ~VF33~ in CTF and TDM. Kinda, we won 3-0 in ctf, but in TDM we had server probs. We went into their server and the Friendly tags were off (not GPS, tags). So he reset, then we came back in and one of their players was on our team while we said that VF33 were newbies, lol. Anyway, he ordered his Col to take down the server. And of course he said "Yes Sir!" and took it down. Yea, that match was pretty wierd.

posted by Eradicate 05/19/01
Please welcome our newest members, Demo-D and POINDEXTER. We will only be recruiting a couple more because most of our guys have other commitments (including me).

posted by Eradicate 05/19/01
Well, there hasn't been much goin on lately here. Those gay last quarter tests all crammed into the last couple of weeks of school really set me back. We will make up for it this week though. Anyways, I would like to make a special thanks to Kastro *G* for being there when we needed a host. Thanks bro! We really appreciate it. Our 2nd round lwbarracks tourney match should be underway sometime this weekend. We are still looking for a dedicated server to help keep this game competitive in public games. ICQ me or aftermath if you are willing to help us! Thanks!

posted by Eradicate 05/12/01
Today we played =NRA= in the *CNV* SummerKill fest tourney! We won 3-0. GJ and GGs guys! Aftermath decides that he is not finished in DF2 and he returns to duty. Still looking for a server... please help!

posted by Eradicate 05/11/01
Today we played =EN= for the first round of the lwbarracks DF2 CTF tournament.We cam eout on top 3-0. Good games =EN=! Also, Aftermath quits DF2. It just got bored for him or something. Until I find someone to step up and take his role as CO of :TO: I will be running the squad. We are also looking for a 24/7 server to help us keep the df2 competition alive! Contact era if you are intereseted in helping!

posted by Eradicate 05/09/01
DarkSun joins our ranks! Welcome him! We play our first match in the *CNV* Summer Killfest vs =NRA= on Saturday!

posted by Eradicate 05/08/01
We beat LAF in a best of 5 TDM match. Great games LAF, and very nice attitude! CrossHair, Dreadglocks and Justin joins our ranks! Ronin is back active and VaMpYre (also known as =Sc2= 2Dope) is booted from excessive inactiveness. Also, we are still looking for a full time CTF server to help us keep this game active, if you are interested in helping us and the rest of the DF2 community, please ICQ era or aftermath. Thanks.

posted by Aftermath 05/03/01
Ok well we played WAR yesterday and beat them 3-1, thanks WAR you guys played great and are very talented. We also played [Sub7]. We came out on top 3-0. They whined and cried, but other than that the match was fun. Anyway, we entered a couple of tournies,'s TDM and DFworld's TDM and CTF leagues. We play =EN= on Friday for the first round of the lwbarracks tourney.

posted by Aftermath 05/02/01
Sorry for lack of updates i am too lazy, anyways we added a great flagrunner named JAMMER to squad, welcome him. We also are looking for matches so please click on contacts and try and make a match with us. Umm AERO has decided to step off the squad for a new squad with his friend. GL to you bro, and thats about it.

posted by Snoper 04/20/01
Sorry for the site having problems but was trying to get the music that Aftermath wanted to play and I screwed up, but should be working fine now.
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