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Beta Statin-WPI2 Meal Replacement
BetaStatin Nutritional Research

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Description: Beta Statin WPI-2 is one the highest quality, and most advanced meal replacement formulas on the market today. Each serving contains 42 grams of the highest quality whey protein isolates as well as 24 grams of low-glycemic carbs, and 1.5 grams of fat. (Delicious Vanilla)

Form: Packets

Count: 20

Recommended Use: Add contents of packet to 12 oz. of cold water and thoroughly mix in a shaker or blender for about 10 seconds. Use 2-4 servings daily. (You can also use low-fat or skim milk, fruit juices, or whole fruit such as strawberries or bananas if desired.)

Nutrition Facts

Protein - 42g
Total Carbohydrates - 23g
  Dietary Fiber - 1.5g
  Sugars - 2.5g
Total Fat - 1.5g
Saturated Fat - 1g
Potassium - 300 mg
Sodium - 195 mg
Cholesterol - 18 mg

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