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Internet Glossary
Archie Gopher
Emoticon Newbie
Flame TCP/IP
Archie — A service used to search all the world’s FTP servers for files. This is a service much like Veronica — it makes it easier to find the item one is looking for, because one doesn’t need to know the exact computer. TOP
Emoticon ("Smiley") — Certain characters that some people believe help express emotion in e-mail. The most common is :>. With a little imagination and a tilt of your head, you may see that this is a smiley face. TOP
Flame — A very harsh message from one person to another, normally in a newsgroup. They are often directed at newbies. TOP
FTP — The File Transfer Protocol. This is one standardized way of transmitting files on the Internet. As with most services on the Internet, there are specific FTP servers containing specific types of files. TOP
Gopher — A menu-centered information search tool on the Net. TOP
Newbie — A derogatory term on the Net meaning an inexperienced and obnoxious new user. The term refers to the brand of user who is unschooled in the Internet’s traditions, takes little time to learn them, and acts rudely. TOP
TCP/IP — The standard for communication among Internetted computers; it stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. While it is a relatively slow protocol, it works wonders for intercommunication among different systems. TOP
URL — Universal Resource Locator. TOP
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