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Page 8

Prairie Dog!!! I know this picture isn't clear, but I don't like getting too close to wild animals. We even fed them (such as dumping peanuts into their holes). There was also someone trying to catch them. As we were leaving the rest stop (where we saw the prairie dogs), we passed by a man cooking something...

Well, actually, there is supposed to be another picture here. That picture is taken on the night we stayed at Salt Lake City, when 5 (I think it was 5) of us were eating pizza. However, I'm guessing that I used flashlight when there are windows around. Man, it would have been a nice picture...

We held an outdoor service on Sunday. There was a unique feeling to it (well, I don't know how to describe it, but it's truly unique). We used an actual bread (a loaf, not a round piece) for the bread and cranberry juice to replace wine.
This is also where I kicked a cactus, then hit it with my back of my hand as I'm pulling the needls out of my shoe, and, after I got rid of the needles, bumped onto a branch of that tree in the picture.

On our way back, we spent our last night in Oasis. After swimming/video gaming, we had dinner in the buffet place in Oasis. In this picture are (from left to right) Michael, me (see my hands?), Sarah, and Kayun. As you can guess, I opened the lid before I rewinded it (because I'm so used to this camera rewinding itself automatically). I was going to take a picture of the other table, but I ran out of film.

So this is the end of my second roll of film. There are still more pictures in my third roll, but that roll has only 12 exposures. The next picture continues the night in Oasis.

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