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Another one of that writing thing. We were writing at a location of our choice for as long as we want. Seems to me that most of them chose to just stay there and write. I chose to go outside (up the wheeled scaffold, since the bench was taken) and suddenly come up with the idea of taking a picture of people writing. Too bad the sound of taking out my camera got Bill to look toward me.

Many of us went to the river and decided to jump in and have fun. This is more like the beginning of the water fun. About 8 more people jumped in after this picture, and, sadly, I forgot to take another picture with a lot of people in it because I was trying to make a star out of the grass (which I failed). By the way, Chachi, if you're wondering where you are, you are the black thing that's in front of Nate.

It was after that dinner on Thursday night (where they gave us the Red Shirt Project T-shirt), and I decided to have a little jog to the skate park (and, yes, it was quite fun). On my way out, I wanted to take a picture showing both the fence and the sign of the place, but, obviously, I failed miserably again, as I had forgotten that there's not enough light and that flashlight doesn't work that far.

Yet another complete failure from me. I won't even bother to discuss what's this picture about.

Friday morning, bored, saw my camera, and took a picture in the parish hall (actually, two pictures including that complete failure). Actually, I'm not really interested in what's in the middle, but those on the sides.

Saturday morning. I was waken by the cold wind as I was sleeping on that playground thing. This was the first and the last sunrise I saw in this pilgrimage. Man, this picture isn't even 1/4 as beautiful as the actual sunrise. By the way, the sun isn't "up" yet.

Nothing much to add to the last description except that you can see the sun is half out.

Zzz... LOL. Everyone (except Michael and me) was asleep in the van. This is one of the few pictures I took that I actually like, only with a regret that Miguel, Chachi, and Mason went hiding from the picture. I'm glad that I had this chance since Bill woke up before I come up with the idea to take a picture, but, lucky for me, he fell asleep again eventually. (Even I myself was in the picture, see that hand on the front seat?)

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