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This is a picture of the lakota letters. Once again, my bladder is telling my brain not to think (not that i would use flashlight since there's a glass, but I didn't aim well). Maybe I should have gotten closer.

We're eating in the restaurant there at the monument (Laughing Water Restaurant). While our table was done with the food at that time, some other tables (for example, Michael's) didn't receive any food yet. The Indian fried bread was nice. We even got a chance to meet a daughter of Korczak.

Group picture! This one doesn't have Father Two Bulls (went somewhere?) and Al (photographer) in it. (By the way, see the nose of the horse? some people actually put their hands in it... ew...)

The Fighting Stallions. I thought the stallions would not be visible since I was in a hurry (we were leaving). At least I can see it (it would have been much better around the benches).

The Nature Gate. Once again, this picture came out much better than I expected. By the way, most of the group was on the other side of the gate.

A mine (deserted) in the Black Hills. This picture shows the pond and the wall on the other side. It probably would look much nicer if I stepped back a few steps.

We were leaving (to go to another area of that mine), and some of us wanted to find a better looking piece of rock (maybe I should put up a picture of that see-throughable stuff).

WHEE! Mason is being pushed by two girls! XD Well, he was pushing the two girls earlier, and now "getting paid". He stopped pushing by the time I decided to take a picture, and I would rather take a picture of him pushing (it looked very hard).

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