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This is the cenmetry(did I spell it right?) next to Christ Church. I wouldn't have taken a picture of it at that time (because there's a tent) if I don't know what other pictures could act as a test picture (don't worry if you don't understand this).

Yup! I went off to take a rest while others are working hard! Actually, I just suddenly wanted to take a picture. Geza, where did you go? I thought you were there when I took the picture. Can somebody use photoshop to add Geza back in?

What's a medicine wheel anyway? All I can tell is a big circle with a cross (which I probably wouldn't have noticed if Brandon didn't tell me) and 4 different colors for each section. I was going to find someone to explain to me, but I forgot to do so (once again, I have bad memory).

As you can see, this is a model of the head of the Crazy Horse Monument, with a much smaller model of the whole statue next to it. There are also several pictures of the actual thing taken at different angles. Also, barely viewable in the hardcopy, at the right end of the picture is the thing where you can get a rock for free (man, they sure are smart at that. i mean, getting rid of useless rocks and receiving money at the same time?).

Starting from 1948, this picture shows the progress of the monument (maybe i should have used flashlight, but maybe those stuffs are reflective). At this rate, maybe the monument would not be done until probably 200 years later.

There it is, the actual statue itself. Well, you probably can't see much in this bad quality scan, but the face (sideview) is kind of clear in the hardcopy (and I can sort of imagine the completed work).

I guess they never expected anyone to take a picture on the "bad" side of the model (well, it looks worse in hardcopy, i mean the model, with part of the interior shown). Actually, I was going to take a picture of the other side, which also has some words next to it, but I'll blame it on my memory once again.

And here begins my search of the restroom (which is supposedly in the gift shop).

As you can tell, I went too far, and met this tipi. There was a child who was about to run to the tipi, and his father stopped him because he saw that I'm about to take a picture. So, once again, thank you for holding him back (I don't know what better word to use). :) I wonder why I didn't use flashlight this time... (maybe my bladder told my brain to stop thinking)

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