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Wahhh! A snake! Luckily, I never heard of anyone bitten by that snake. On one of the last days (Thursday, I believe) it appeared again, but was chased up to church roof (or maybe just hiding in the wall).

We saw rainbows on our way to Wounded Knee. Later on, I saw another rainbow part which I believe to be "the other end" of this rainbow. Another part of nature that can hardly be seen in LA.

Wounded Knee Memorial. This is the memorial of the Wounded Knee Massacre. It's too hard to see the words from this picture. There are four sides to it, but I don't think there's much different when I'm taking the picture. BTW, I was hiding in the shadow to take this picture (anyone got a lighter version?).

Another picture at the memorial. I think this picture is better than the last one.

This is the only picture with the full group as Peter and Debbie left on the next day. As you can tell, I didn't take this picture myself (I'm in the picture).

Darn. The flash isn't far enough and they didn't have enough lightings. Oh well... This is the Pow Wow we watched on July 3rd (at Basteland, if I remember correctly).

If I'm correct, this picture was taken on Sunday morning before that hero thing. In the center of this picture is a hill with a face of a monkey (I think they have a name for it, but my memory is screwed up).

I have NO idea what I was aiming for in this picture. Whatever it is, it looks like a failure to me.

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