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The center of this picture should be about where most of us were sitting at.

Pow Wow Arbor from another angle.

Mason was playing a game (I had forgotten the name of that game) and made a bet that whoever loses would get his/her face drawn. That's the result as he kept on doing all sorts of dangerous stunts. On his forehead: #1 LOSER (by Miguel).

Eventually, they turned to poker, where Michael, Al, and Bill joined in. This picture is taken as Michael places a bet. Notice that Miguel's face got drawn on as well. On his forehead: #1 SUCKER (by Mason, who would rather have written "F" instead of "S").

Guess what, I didn't use the flashlight at night. Stupid, wasn't I? If I remember correctly, this should have been the first fire lit in the firepit in this pilgrimage. I don't remember who was in this picture except Peter, who started this fire and several other fires until he left.

Look at the river, there's water flowing in it! This was the morning after the first heavy rain we met in Red Shirt, and it seems like the rain was gathered and created the flow of the river, which dried out by noon. I'm glad that I can actually tell that the river is flowing in this picture.

That's something I can hardly see in LA, rain!!! Try to guess where I took the picture.
(answer: a few steps from the portables)

0.0 Me and Mason's tent was squashed by the storm!!! (and all other blue tents encountered the same fate in that BIG storm) I didn't dare to hold the camera up because it was actually raining.

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