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I believe I took another picture before this first one, but maybe I took it with the "first shot".

We're down at the dried river. Geza went to look for an easier path when this picture was taken, and the rest of us were just waiting (and I, taking pictures).

I took this picture of Badland when waiting for Geza to be back, it sure looks different down there (I prefer the view up at the church though).

After Geza found an easier route, a group left with Geza to go back up by the easier route.

(photographer=Karen)This is a picture of those of us that chose the harder route. The only ones shown are Mason and me, but Peter, Sarah, and Lucy were in front of us if I remember correctly. In the end, we were only about 5 minutes earlier than the other group.

The first (actually, second, but the first one didn't come out) of my "wildlife pictures". I was trying to get as close as possible to the bunny, but that's the closest I managed to get. The picture would probably have been much better if it wasn't hiding down there :/

Another bunny suddenly showed up and I couldn't resist taking a picture with both bunnies :P

Well, I know this picture seems to have nothing in it, but look closely. See Michael and Sarah outside of Sarah and Kayun's tent with some black balloons? Sarah and Kayun (who is inside of the tent) was giving a "Happy Birthday!" surprise to Michael. Too bad it was too far away, but getting closer with a camera certainly wasn't a good idea as I was really supposed to be working.

Just a picture of people waiting in line to get food. See if you can find yourself.

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