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Red Shirt Project 2004

Finally the pictures are here! I'll be constantly adding more pics until I'm done. Sorry for the bad quality has I'm not familiar with my scanner (not at all). If you want a better quality of a certain pictures, let me know and I'll try to make a better one. It seems to me that the pictures I took this year are not as good as last year's (and I missed many good pictures). Pictures that I didn't take include Michael's birthday (well, I saw many people holding their cameras, so I just decided to ask other people for those pictures :P) and the two Pow Wow (actually, I have one picture total, but very unclear due to all those lightings). By the way, this time, I'm putting it in order when the picture was taken. I might reorganize them after I'm done with all pictures.

(Please click on this extremely unclear picture to view a bigger and much clearer version.)
Top row (left to right): Sarah, me, Mason, Lucy, Michael, Bill, Ritchie, Fr. Two Bulls, Geza, Al, (memory leak, who's that?).
Bottom row (left to right): Grant, Nathan, Peter, Chachi, Miguel, Alison, Javier(is that his last or first name? and did I spell it correctly?), Debbie, Reed, Kayun.

This is our complete group (well, almost, except Buz and Karen)!!! Hopefully, as you look at this picture, your memory of this pilgrimage would pop up in your head. Don't ever forget any of the good things (assuming nothing bad happened to you, since none happened to me) happened in this pilgrimage. Let's KIT!

Dennis (hopefully not the menace)

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