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Reflective Essay


The contents I have chosen for my webfolio are pieces I felt most proud of this semester. All of them reflect the lessons we have focused on throughout the course, and all show my progress from the beginning of the semester towards the end. The first essay I chose to include gives the audience a look into my life. It is about my relationship with my best friend, and it tells the reader a little bit of what I think it means to be a friend. The next essay I choose to include was a challenging one to write. It was a personal essay that was designated to find a difference between myself and everyone around me. This "culture" piece allows readers to see a different perspective on a subject from what the normally wouldn't see. It helped open their eyes to a new idea and a new outlook on life. I think I have a lot of strengths in this piece because it was the first time I ever got to write about myself and be completely open to what makes me a different person. Out of all the essay's I chose to include, I believe that this is the most interesting of all three, because it shows more of myself than people would normally get to see. The final essay I chose to include was a persuasive piece. I chose to include this one because it was the only piece all year that was relatable to a research paper. This was the only opportunity I got to challenge the reader's to fully examine two different sides of a certain problem and form an opinion on what they felt the stronger side was. This was a good chance for me to develop the writing skills I learned throughout the year and put them into one paper. I believe this was also one of the most challenging pieces because we had to present both sides equally, and especially in cases when dealing with religion, it often becomes hard to differentiate between bias opinion of the truth. The other informal essay's I chose to include we're all free-writes that expressed different experiences I had or was going to have in the near future. All showed my opinions openely without feeling forced to write.

I think I have grown a lot as a writer this semester. I think this class challenged me to write things I never considered before, which helped me develop a variety of different styles. I think my strength's come from essay's where we have to form an opinion (thesis) and provide evidence to back it up. I think that is partely because the essay's I have written in the past have all been for classes that need to focus on proving a point. Writing121 gave me the opportunity to explore different writing style's and combined them into one project. I never once in all my english courses had to sit and free write while using different styles. Although I have many strengths as a writer, I also feel I have many weaknesses. The more I learned in the class, the more I felt that I still had so much to learn about writing. Once I felt confident with a new style, I felt like there was much more I could also improve on. This encourages me because I feel like I can have a life-long exploration through writing. The best thing this class provided for me was teaching me how to write better, and now I feel much more prepared for college. I still have lots of skills I want to work on developing throughout the year, but I believe it was good for me to get exposed to what college is going to be teaching next year, instead of heading out of highschool feeling unprepared. I think every student should be required to take this course, because it is the first writing course that really challenges you to think about how you'r writing and what needs to be improved. Overall I am happy with the results I see of myself, and the path I feel I have conquered throughout the course. I think I have learned a lot and have applied that to my writing, not only in this class but throughout all my IB classes.

From this project, I learned a lot about computers. Besides that, I think it challenged me to show others what I considered my best work of the semester. This webfolio shows the audience a lot about myself because most of the pieces reflect me as a person and give insight to what I experience everyday. I will introduce my webfolio as the pieces that best show what I have learned throughout the course.