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Use emoticons when you're messaging with friends to show them how you really feel. Emoticons are emotional graphics--visual ways to express the way you feel when words alone just aren't enough. Try out all of the Messenger emoticons:
To send this: Type this:
Smile :-) or :) Open-mouthed :-D or :d
Surprised :-O or :o Tongue out :-P or :p
Wink ;-) or ;) Sad :-( or :(
Confused :-S or :s Disappointed :-| or :|
Crying :'( Embarrassed :-$ or :$
Hot (H) or (h) Angry :-@ or :@
Angel (A) or (a) Devil (6)
Don't tell anyone :-# Baring teeth 8o|
Nerd 8-| Sarcastic ^o)
Secret telling :-* Sick +o(
I don't know :^) Thinking *-)
Party <:o) Eye-rolling 8-)
Sleepy |-) Coffee cup (C) or (c)
Thumbs up (Y) or (y) Thumbs down (N) or (n)
Beer mug (B) or (b) Martini glass (D) or (d)
Girl (X) or (x) Boy (Z) or (z)
Left hug ({) Right hug (})
Vampire bat :-[ or :[ Birthday cake (^)
Red heart (L) or (l) Broken heart (U) or (u)
Red lips (K) or (k) Gift with a bow (G) or (g)
Red rose (F) or (f) Wilted rose (W) or (w)
Camera (P) or (p) Filmstrip (~)
Cat face (@) Dog face (&)
Telephone receiver (T) or (t) Light bulb (I) or (i)
Note (8) Sleeping half-moon (S)
Star (*) E-mail (E) or (e)
Clock (O) or (o) MSN Messenger icon (M) or (m)
Snail (sn) Black Sheep (bah)
Plate (pl) Bowl (||)
Pizza (pi) Soccer ball (so)
Auto (au) Airplane (ap)
Umbrella (um) Island with a palm tree (ip)
Computer (co) Mobile Phone (mp)
Stormy cloud (st) Lightning (li)
Money (mo)

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