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  Ok here we have a list of media

   that you can download, some

          are old and some are not complete



                       FIRST FLEET– recorded at

          titans headquarters                                                                                      ACT NOW – taken from the march

                      probably a couple of months ago                                     28th ‘Trash Park Rockers’ Cd  Launch

     This is the only new material available right          Right save click  HERE to download

      now from the new cd to be coming out                              

                Right save click HERE

          TO DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                                 





      Click here to go                              Right save click HERE to download

       Directly to the mp3 site                    the once band staring ged and baker,

        Where you can get some                   the vigilanties make your history  

       Of the old songs from

        Trash park rockers cd         



                                       More coming soon