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Dawn Oway is a Burmese-language bulletin published quarterly. Dawn Oway

conveys ABSDF’s position on the current situation in Burma, provides updates on activities of the ABSDF, and publicises revolutionary poems, artworks, and perspective articles.Latest Issue

Burma: Chronological Events is a monthly on-line publication. Compiled by the Documentation and Research Department, it summarizes the significant events in Burma that occurred during the month. Download

Military Echelon is a research booklet published twice a year. Compiled by the Documentation and Research Department, it provides in-depth information about how the Burmese military, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), structures its bureaucracy to oppress its own citizens. This booklet is intended for organisations fighting for democracy and human rights in Burma and individuals who do research on Burma’s military.

For security reasons, this booklet’s distribution is limited. It can be ordered by e-mailing absdf-d& The name and/or organisation, the purpose of the order, and payment for postal charges are required.