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Hello, my name is JP Weekley and welcome to my website. What I do is constantly search for liquidations of high demand items and bring them to the marketplace and pass the savings on to the public.

It is my belief that great service is paramount. You, the public, demands and expects great service. Therefore, I stay on top of communication and always ship immediately upon receiving payment. I truly enjoy what I do and thrive on communication

You may follow me on TWITTER, on GOOGLE+ and do, from time to time post on my BLOG.( I have provided links on the bottom of this page as well.)

You may at anytime contact me directly via email, write me a letter through the postal service or even telephone me directly. If you like, I could include you on my email "hotlist" to let you know of my new and upcoming sales.(My contact information can be found on the terms and conditions page.)

Please read my TERMS AND CONDITIONS page carefully and as for you privacy, I never have or will sell or share any information concerning you.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to do business with you soon.

All the best,
JP Weekley