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1: Download mIRC. I suggest www.download.com.
2: Open mIRC. You should see a window pop up with a man's picture. Exit out of that screen.
3: A new window pops up with the words "mIRC Options" on the left hand corner. Here, you should configure it appropriately. For example, if you click on DCC then you should see the words "On Send Request: " to the right. I checked the auto-get file option, because if I'm not there I'll still get the file. It's just so much easier that way. People behind firewalls or routers may have to play around with it some more. Otherwise, the other important thing is to choose the server. You will find the option at the "Connect" area. I generally go to enterthegame. Once you have chosen the server, click on "Connect to IRC Server."
4: Join a channel. I suggest #bakamx and #bakamx-saabu, cause the ops are generally nicer.
5: When you've joined a channel, by typing /join #bakamx-saabu, you will be able to log onto people's fileservers.

The first thing you will see in the channel is the channel topic. For example,

*** Topic is '[ bakaMX leechies | !releases !rules !list | http://www.anime-nakama.com | #bakaMX (main channel) | no serving/requesting of mp3s or licensed anime! | Fserves preferred silent, else min 30 mins between ads | OUT NOW: Onegai Teacher ep 10!!! ]'

It's usually a good idea to read the channel topic. You'll know what's the newest releases, and possibly what is coming out.

First type !rules . Just read it! Most channels have the same rules, so after you've read it once u dun have to read it again. Try !releases if u want to know what's been released by the group.
Next type !list (if allowed). You will see a bunch of advertisements for different filservers. Look for their trigger which usually looks like /ctcp xxxxx or !gimme_anime. Type the trigger, and a new window will show up. This means that you can now look into the person's directories and download anime!!! Well, that is if they have send slots open.

Here's a list of useful commands in the new window/DCC:
dir - shows a list of files/folders in the current directory
cd [name of folder] - brings you into the folder e.g. cd hikaru no go
get [name of file] - puts you into the queue
clr_queues - removes you from the queue

Once you're queued, which means u're in line for the file, you can close the window. As long as you're still connected to the server, most people require you to be in the channel as well, then you can get the file.

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