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Volume 14 Chapter 120 One Colored Go

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p. 142-143

??: Incredible... they can play with just white stones.
??: That kid should be playing as black right?
??: Be quiet for sec! If you don't keep it down, you'll miss everything!
Kurata (thinks): That brat...
Kurata (thinks): He's stronger than I thought.
??: I can barely distinguish between the pieces.
??: Me too.
??: Uh.. Well I...
Kurata: Actually there's a trick to this.

p. 144-145

Kurata: All you have to do is memorize the formation of the stones.
??: Formation...
Kurata (thinks): Right, during that Go event..
Kurata (thinks): Gokiso Pro had lost to Hikaru.
??: I'm totally confused!
??: Uh.. that's a black stone... and then..
Kurata: What!? Are you guys lost already?
Kurata: We've still got a long way to go!
Kurata: Right? Shindou!
Kurata (thinks): Hm... No wonder Gokiso Pro isn't Hikaru's opponent!

p. 146-147

??: Muraishi-san, you can still tell the difference?
??: You're pretty good. It's already a jumbled mess to me.
Kurata: Someone can still follow what's happening? Good! From now on, we're going to have to lose you!
??: Eeh!?
??: Aa..
??: There's an intense battle unfolding at the lower corner.
??: That's not right! We should say "it seems like" the battle is opening up ------
??: Indeed.
??: We can only see the white stones taking territority faster and faster.

p. 148-149

Kurata: Keep on going!
??: Who has the better position at the moment?
??: Don't ask me!
Kurata: Who has the better position?
Kurata: It's Shindou!
??: Kurata-sensei, what's your current situation?
Kurata: I'm being pushed back further and further by him.

p. 150-151

Kurata: Hey! You really want me signature that bad huh?
??: Signature.
??: This kid is Kurata-sensei's fan. If he wins, then Kurata-sensei will give him a signature.
Kurata: I haven't been able to find any room. This is tough!
Kurata: !
Kurata: I've found it!

p. 152-153

Hikaru: !
Hikaru: .... Ah!
Hikaru: I made a wrong calculation!
Hikaru: .....
Kurata: Saved. Hikaru's mistake will cost him severely.
Kurata: Saved... !?
Kurata: The person playing with me is not Toya Koyo, neither is he old man Kuwabara.
Kurata: What he is, is someone who just became a pro!
Kurata: But isn't this the first time Hikaru has played one colored Go?

p. 154-155

Kurata: It isn't just Touya Akira!!
Kurata: Of the people chasing me from behind, there's one more to deal with
Kurata: Eh!? Shit! The stones...
Kurata: I can't tell which is what!

p. 156-157

Kurata: Is it this side...? Or is it that side... Etto... Etto....
Kurata: If I can just seal off this area, then black is dead... right?
Hikaru: ....
Hikaru: I resign!
Hikaru: AAh... This mistaked costed me the game!

p. 158-159

Hikaru: Even though this battle was kinda complicated, I was still confident I'd win!
Hikaru: Man, this one wrong move, was really costly!
Hikaru: I should have stayed back here. If only I'd known, I would've went to the right.
Hikaru: Right, Kurata-san?
Kurata: Do you guys have any more signing sheets?
??: Yea!
Kurata: This is for you, Shindou.
Hikaru: Huh? Didn't we agree that for me to get your signature I'd have to beat you?
Hikaru: ----- What's this?
Hikaru: It only has the character "Kura"?
Kurata: If you can beat me in an offical game, I'll finish the rest of the signature.

p. 160-161

??: Kurata-sensei, can I get a signature too?
??: I want one too!
??: There's still signature sheets?
Hikaru (thinks): Does Kurata recognize me [as a threat]?
??: What!?
??: What? What happened? Can you turn up the volume a little.
??: ... This from reporters...
??: Touya Koyo, a renowned player in the Go world with Four titles, has announced his retirement.

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