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Volume 14 Chapter 117 Discovered [There seems to be a mistake with the Chinese, but I believe this is the title]

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p. 72-73

Sai: ...Hikaru

p. 74-75
Back to the nameless people watching the match between Sai and Touya Meijin

Guy: Sai won.
Foreign Amateur?: Sai!
ChineseAmateur?: To be able to play such an exciting match against Touya Meijin....
Waya: Sai... good move!

p. 76-77
Now another group who is watching the match. For ppl who don't have the manga, this must be getting confusing. Then please refer to http://www.kzfun.com/ . I know they scanslate Hikaru no go in Chinese. Just use their pics as a reference. As you go over their links, you should be able to tell if it is the comic secion by the url.

Guy00: This move was awesome.
Guy01: Yea, the white piece right here.
Guy02: Sai is definitely not an amateur.
Akira: Dad...
Ogata: Sai!
Hikaru is at home now.
Hikaru: Sai, last time you said, only people playing the match can have a deeper understanding... but I think I was in that spot.
Hikaru: Not only can I see what you think, but I also know what Touya-sensei is thinking.
Hikaru: I feel as if I was standing in the center of the match today.
Hikaru: Touya-sensei must be really irritated!
Hikaru: That he'd actually lose to Sai..
Hikaru: "If I lose, then I'll retire." This... won't come true right?

p. 78-79
At the hospital...

Hikaru: I purposely found time this morning to come here.
Hikaru: Fortunately, today is a Sunday.
Hikaru: You don't think Touya-sensei was serious, right?
Hikaru: If he's serious... then this is big. It's rare that a person with five titles would suddenly announce retirement.
Hikaru: right...?
Sai: Huh? Uh......
Hikaru: What! You're [busy] thinking of other things again!
Hikaru: Geez... I'm always the one who has to do the work! [literally: use his brain] Let's go! Sai!
Inside the hospital
Akira's mom: Akira?
Akira's mom: Sorry, who are you?
Hikaru: Mor.. morning.
Hikaru: I.....
Hikaru (thinks): She's Touya Akira's mother!?

p. 80-81

Touya Meijin: He's this year's new Pro, Shindo Hikaru. I even played a game against him.
Akira's mom: Oh! Right, I remember seeing you in last week's "Go Magazine." You're about the same age as Akira.
Touya Meijin: MingZi [that's her name, at least the Ming part, the Zi I was told is just something Japanese ppl add on. Not sure though], sorry, but can you go out for a minute.
Akira's mom: Okay.

p. 82-83

Hikaru: This... yesterday... Sensei, you admitted defeat...
Hikaru: You won't... really retire, right?
Hikaru: If I lose to Sai, then I'll retire... you said that out of anger right?
Hikaru: Right? I just want to confirm this.
Touya Meijin: Are you Sai?

p. 84-85

Hikaru: What!?
Hikaru: No, no! How can it possibly be me!
Touya Meijin: But as I was playing the game, I actually thought of you.
Touya Meijin: [Sai] Seems connected to the person I saw in the Room of Mystery.... you!
Touya Meijin: Nevermind, I won't pursue this any further. It doesn't even matter who Sai is anymore!
Touya Meijin: Shindo Hikaru!
Touya Meijin: Let me play against Sai one more time!
Touya Meijin: Even if I have to play Internet Go!
Touya Meijin: This time I won't force you to tell me his true identity!
Hikaru (thinks): One more time?
Hikaru (thinks): Right! If the Meijin continues to play Internet Go, then they can play one more time...

p. 86-87

Hikaru: Moreover, Touya Meijin.... he won't let my secrets slip out.
Hikaru: Then Sai can play go once in awhile.... Sai must be really happy.
Sai (thinks): ..... It's too late!
Sai (thinks): I'm afraid... that I don't have much time left.
Sai (thinks): I can feel that... but I can't say... The sands of time that had originally stopped has started flowing [a picture of an hour glass - thx sunkittycat]... it has started to fall down mercilessly!
Hikaru: This... If you play another match, can you not retire?

p. 88-89

Touya Meijin: Once the words have come out of my mouth, I will definitely make it happen.
Touya Meijin: The 10-dan Series' fifth match will be the last tournament of my career, and then I will retire.
Hikaru: Don't say this!
Touya Meijin: To me, retiring isn't such a big deal.
Touya Meijin: Moreover, it's probably good for me, because then I will be free of a Pro's duties, and I won't have to accept those pointless interviews.
Touya Meijin: I never said I would stop playing Go, because I still have my health...
Hikaru: To experience the joys of life... [there are definitely problems w/ that line... but that's how i took it]
Touya Meijin: Even if it's not a Title Match, I will still play seriously.
Touya Meijin: Yesterday's match is the best proof. Playing against an unknown opponent, there can actually be such good Go.
Touya Meijin: Hikaru, I want to play against Sai again.

p. 90-91
Ogata enters the hospital

Ogata: I still can't figure out who's Sai! But, there must be a person nearby that is connected to Sai!
Ogata: Is it someone who met the Meijin during the fourth match of the 10-dan series?
Ogata: Or is it Shindo Hikaru... or is it other people who have visited the Meijin...
Ogata: Nevertheless... it has to be someone who heard that the Meijin has started to play Internet Go can he set up the match between those two.
Ogata: Who the hell is this guy?
Ogata: Touya-sensei must know!

p. 92-93
Ogata is outside Touya Meijin's hospital room.

Ogata: Hikaru!?
Ogata listens outside of the door.
Ogata: What is he saying? I can't hear it!
Ogata walks in.
Hikaru: How can you think this is good.
Hikaru: But I don't want it to happen! I feel really bad about it! I'll feel as if it's all my fault!
Hikaru: Touya-sensei, you still want to play against Sai right?
Hikaru: Sai does too! So please take back what you said.
Sai: ...Hikaru!
Hikaru turns around.

p. 94-95

Ogata: Did you just say Sai?
Hikaru: Ah... [w/ a scared expression]
Ogata: You do have some relationship with Sai!
Hikaru: No! I don't have any relationship with Sai! Nothing at all!
Ogata: You're lying! You just said...
Touya Meijin: Ogata!
Hikaru: Bye!
Ogata: Wait!
Ogata: Shindo Hikaru!
Nurse: What are you two doing? This is a hospital!

p. 95-96

Ogata: Did you set up the match between Sai and Touya-sensei?
Hiakru: No!
Ogata: If you know who Sai is....
Ogata: Please help me set up a match against him!
Hikaru: O... Ogata-sensei.


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