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Volume 14 Chapter 116 An Answer to a Thousand Years

[xxxx] = my comments to the reader

p. 56-57
Touya Meijin holds his left arm.

Touya Meijin: The only thing left is the end game, looking at the path from here to the end...
Touya Meijin: I.... lost by half a moku.
Touya Meijin: The road, the attack and defense, before the end game wasn't the same...
Touya Meijin: Not only were the order of steps complicated, making it easy for mistakes, but indeed there was only one path to take... [I think Touya is implying that he had made the best moves in the situation either that or some of them were forced moves]
Touya Meijin: This person is very good at luring people into traps...
Touya Meijin: He must be (thinking) the same as I, estimating the result...

p. 58-59
Back to the watchers. The 3 panel has two lines written on it: "Black has resigned. White won."

FirstGoTeacher: What?
FirstGoTeacher: Resigned!? Touya-sensei, he......!?
ForeignerAmateur: Sai! Sai won!
ChineseAmateurPlayer?: .....
SomeGuy: Why did he admit defeat? Isn't it still in the middle of the game?
SomeGuy: Even though I know it's the end, it's still too complicated! I don't get it at all!
Waya: Can it be that Touya-sensei has already guessed the result of the match... This should be a battle to the end! I never thought Touya-sensei would resign like this!
[The next line is where someone in the background saying that he's gonna buy something. The first two characters means Gong. Anybody know? e-mail me.]

p. 60-61

Ogata: Even though the Meijin met every hand calmly, Sai was still one up on him.
Ogata: The decision on this match from what's been played is... there should still be more hands to play...
Ogata: Does Miejin not even have a chance to a comeback? Damn it! No! There must be one!
Ogata: Sai! Who are you? Sai!
Akira: The old Hikaru!
Akira: In my mind this answer suddenly emerged...
Akira: I'm placing the old Hikaru and Sai together!
Akira: That's it! This can't be wrong! But this answer... still doesn't mean anything...

p. 62-63
Back to Sai and Hikaru. Sai looks like a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders, while Hikaru is staring at the Go pieces.

Sai: It has concluded!
Hikaru: ....

p. 64-65

Sai: Touya Meijin... You were focused and mindful, playing this match. Your every hand was carefully crafted. I'm really very happy. This feeling of joy goes beyond any fear.
Sai: I am very fortunate that I am able to use every ounce of my strength to answer you...
Sai: Thank you, Touya Meijin...
Sai: Hikaru, Thank you.
Hikaru: ...
Sai: Hikaru?
Hikaru: .... here.

p. 66-67
Hikaru points to a black piece on the goban.

Hikaru: When Touya-sensei was preparing to cut off from here, everybody believe that this was the only move.
Hikaru: But, before this...
Hikaru: If he had added pressure on this corner..
Sai: !!!
Hikaru: White would be forced to meet the challenge.
Hikaru: Isn't this way better than playing each step safely through? Right?
Sai: .....!!!
Hikaru points to a black piece
Hikaru: So this means, if black had placed the piece that was preparing to connect out in that corner then...

p. 68-69

Hikaru: Then black would be able to turn the tide... If that happened, then you would have lost Sai!
Sai: That's true... Hikaru is right...
Hikaru: What do you think? Sai!
Sai: Hikaru!

p. 70-71

Sai: Right now, I finally understand!
Sai: The reason why God let me stay around in this world for a thousand years... is so Hikaru can see this match...


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