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Volume 14 Chapter 115 sai vs. toya koyo (4)

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p. 30-31
These two pages show Akira and Ogata thinking/contemplating. They are at their own rooms.

Akira: Hikaru visited Dad!
Akira: Really... I'm doing it again... somewhere deep in my heart, I still think Hikaru is Sai...
Ogata: ... If he had scheduled the match against sensei..
Ogata: that suggests sensei should have seen him in person, because sensei doesn't use e-mail.
Ogata: So that means... this person is going to come watch the fourth match of the 10-dan tournament? Or is it a person that goes to the hospital to visit?
Last panel shows a light encircling Hikaru, whose beside Ogata.

p. 32-33

Ogata: Hikaru isn't Sai. The game that I watched [Hikaru play] during the Lion's Tournament wasn't Sai's style.
Ogata: Moreover... If he really is Sai, then he definitely would have caused a commotion when he was an insei.
Ogata: Even if Hikaru isn't Sai himself, he should know Sai.
Ogata: No, how should I say this...
Ogata: Hikaru... what kind of connection does he have with Sai!!
Ogata: This person is capable of playing such high level Go with Touya Meijin, yet no one knows who he is.
Ogata: Sai... ! Who... are you really?

p. 34-35
Back to FirstGoTeacher and Akira

FirstGoTeacher: Akira, did you just think of something?
FirstGoTeacher: Who is Sai?
Akira (thinks): Hikaru! Is Sai you?
Akira: ...... I don't know.
Guy2: But... if he plays practically even against Touya Meijin, the top player in the Go world who holds five titles,
Guy3: He must be a highly respected professional player.
FatGuy: Maybe he's a pro from China or Korea.
Akira (thinks): He's definitely not Hikaru... Sai... Sai's strength, his strength cames from 100 matches worth of experience

p. 36-37

Akira (thinks): I remember! Two years ago during that Internet Go match...
Akira (thinks): Sitting in front of me, the opponent hidden beneath the darkness...
Akira (thinks): Yes! That's you!
Akira (thinks): You're definitely not Hikaru!
Akira (thinks): Who are you? If you're not Hikaru, then why...
Akira (thinks):: Why...
Akira (thinks): do I place you and Hikaru together?
Akira (thinks): In the very beginning... during my first match against Hikaru...

p. 38-39

Touya Meijin: From the look of it black is doing better..
Touya Meijin: The end game is almost over.
Touya Meijin: But... I can't let my guard down, against such an opponent!!

p. 40-41

Touya Meijin: During the time I've played with him...
Touya Meijin: I can clearly feel the aura he is sending!
Touya Meijin: I remember...
Touya Meijin: This aura!
Touya Meijin: Right!
Touya Meijin: This atmosphere, this type of pressure...
Touya Meijin: I've... felt it before! That time was...

p. 42-43

Touya Meijin: That time was during the beginner dan series.

p. 46-47
Back to the pros watching and discussing the game between Touya Meijin and Sai

SomeGuy: ... Excellent move!
FatGuy: He can't capture the white piece...
Guy2: The black pieces that were originally connected are gone now.
Guy3: With only one piece...
AnotherGuy: the black pieces... black's situation has just turned for the worse...
FirstGoTeacher: ... the opponent is very cautious.
FirstGoTeacher: Only from watching him play, can you discover that there is still such a good move.

p. 48-49

FatGuy: None of Touya-sensei's moves were bad...
FatGuy: But as the game progressed... it unknowingly became an even game!
Ogata: ... even game... no... it's more accurate to say... the Meijin is at a disadvantage.


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