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Volume 14 Chapter 114 sai vs. toya koyo (3)

[xxxx] = my comments to the reader

p. 8-9
Ogata is leaving a woman's apartment

Woman: Is that important match going to be held next wek?
Woman: Of course I don't mind that you came to relax...
Woman: But, can't you be a bit happier?
Woman: Is it that staying with me is meaningless?
Ogata: It's not as interesting as Go.
Woman: You're such an unlively guy! [ogata is a stiff one, ain't he?]
Woman: If you're too nervous, you'll lose!
Woman: Try your best. I'm cheering for you!
Ogata has a smile on his face.
Ogata: You don't even know the name of the Honinbo Title holder.

p. 10-11
Sai is wearing a spacesuit, appropriately named "Sai Spacesuit Version." [It looks really cute]
On page 11, you see Ogata driving his sleek red car.

Ogata: Last time, I just missed the Honinbo title against Kuwabara.
Ogata: I have to win the 10-dan match this time.
Ogata: Before I return, I'll drop by the hospital.
Ogata: I'll go check my 10-dan opponent's health.

p. 12-13
Ogata has reached the hospita. One of the panels have a sign with the words "No visiting."

Ogata: No visiting?
Ogata sees a nurse.
Ogata: Excuse me!

p. 14-15

Ogata: Excuse me... did something happen to Touya sensei? [obviously Touya Meijin]
Nurse: Are you referring to this sign?
Nurse: You don't have to worry.
Nurse: Yesterday Touya-san requested us to hang out this sign today. He said he didn't want to be bothered by people today.
Ogata: Bothered?
Nurse: Touya-san is playing internet go right now.
Nurse: He needs to have a focused concentration.
Ogata: Internet go?
Nurse: He's still playing. See, I went in to pick up his food tray. In the end, he hasn't touched it all...
Nurse: Are all Go players like this?

Ogata has a nervous expression on his face. You see his car driving off.

p. 16-17
Ogata goes into his room, and sits in front of his computer.

Ogata: Since the No Visiting sign was hung out... Who exactly is Touya sensei playing against?
Ogata (thinks): Touya-sensei just placed the sign out yesterday, that means, they had already decided on playing the match...
Ogata (thinks): When did they decide... ? Who is the opponent?
Ogata: This is.... ?
Ogata - shocked
Ogata: Sai!?

p. 17-18
Panels of Sai and Touya Meijin playing Go. In one panel Sai has a solem face, and then a serious one. Touya Meijin pretty much looks the same as he usually does. Sai plays white. Touya Meijin plays black. No dialogue.

p. 19-20
A crowd of people including Akira Touya and Hikaru's first Go teacher <--- Not Sai.

TheFatProGuy: Touya-sensei stopped!
SomeGuy: Why? Isn't this the end game? Isn't it safer to surround that side?
Guy2: Ah! That's also what I think.
Guy3: Let's go simulate the game.
Akira: ....
Flashback: Akira talking to is mother
Akira: Mom, you're not going to the hospital?
Mom: Your father told me I didn't need to visit today.
Akira: Don't need to visit?
Mom: He said he wanted to a nice game of internet go, and he didn't want to be bothered.
Flashback over
Akira (thinks): Today's match... is definitely not a coincidence...!
Guy2: Touya-sensei... is connecting out!
Guy3: Connecting out? From which direction?
SomeGuy: Here? Why? This doesn't make any sense!
Guy2: No! Sensei should be taking the territory and then coming back here.
Akira: That's not wrong.... I think dad is planning to flip then capture, and then circle to the right side.
Guy2: Surrounding isn't a bad idea though.
Guy2: Perhaps I should say, you have to choose one strategy!
FirstGoTeacher: ... Akira is right.
Guy2:If the black pieces continue to cautiously march on, he shouldn't lose!
FirstGoTeacher: Although black isn't playing poorly, his position is developing extremely unclearly. Touya Meijin must be thinking that if he continues to play cautiously he won't win. On the surface, white's pieces are temporarily dead, but after a calmly looking over it, he can still safely take the territory.
Akira: Sai's judgement and foresight is outstanding.
Akira: He can not only see through his opponent's abilities, but he can also turn a bad sitution into his advantage.
Akira: That must be it!

p. 21-22

Akira: I don't think Sai will let Dad keep the appearance of winning. He will definitely make a move.
FirstGoTeacher: Akira knows Sai?
Akira: Last summer I played a match against him. Afterwards Sai disappeared from Internet Go.

p. 21-22

Akira (thinks): Dad... Since Dad scheduled the game with Sai.... can it be that... Dad knows who Sai is?
Akira (thinks): But ------- during his stay at the hospital, he only left the hospital in game four of the 10-dan series...
Akira (thinks): When did dad schedule the game with Sai?
Akira (thinks): If this is so, it could be the people who came to visit...
Akira (thinks): Could it be that Sai is one of those people that visited often?
GirlWhoApparentlyLikesAkira: Akira, he's actually a good kid. He visited sensei today.
Akira: Hikaru came to visit!


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