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Welcome to my unofficial website!

    This website is about one of my favorite things: Mario games.  For those of you who might not know, (especially youngsters) Mario first originated in arcades in a game called Donkey Kong.  Although not called Mario at the time, this young plumber would soon become a household name in homes across the world.

    After Donkey Kong was famous, it's creator and publisher, Nintendo, made another arcade game that was solely about Mario and his younger brother Luigi.  This game, called Mario Brothers, featured the brothers in a New York sewer, fighting off bad guys which included turtles, fierce crabs, and giant flies.  Soon, in 1985, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) launched and would be the gaming sensation of the '80s and early '90s.

    Nintendo's success would soon skyrocket with the release of it's first console game: Super Mario Brothers.  In this game, players experienced some awesome game play elements that they had never seen in the Atari, or an arcade before.  The game became such an instant classic, that in sale charts later in the years, it showed that Super Mario Brothers became the most sold Mario game out of all of them.

    Well, that's my brief history of the original Mario games.  This website only contains notes from the old Mario games, but in the future, I'll modify it to include the modern ones.  Go explore, and have fun!

Home | Characters | Game List | FAQ

Michael Rojas
Last Updated December 3, 2003