Alias Season 1 Quotes

Man: Who are you working for? I'll not ask you again.
Sydney: Okay. Get a pen. Write this down. E-M-E-T-I-B. You got that?
Man: Okay. Now reverse it.(she laughs)
Sydney: I have bad news for you man. I am your worst enemy. I have nothing to lose.
Man: That's not exactly have teeth.

Vaughn: No not yet. They're reviewing your statement. You wrote a lot.
Sydney: I know.
Vaughn: I mean, it's like Tolstoy long.

Sydney: Stop saying 'we'. You killed the man I love.
Sloane: No agent did.

Vaughn: Draw me a map. Draw me a map of SD-6 and all its allies. How far you think it reaches?
Sydney: Do I look like I'm in Junior High?
Vaughn: Just draw me a SD-6 family tree!
Sydney: Braces on my teeth...
Vaughn: How far you think it goes!
Sydney: ...Headgear? Do you see a retainer?!
Vaughn: Just DO IT!

Sydney: Dixon, do you copy?
Dixon: Wow. That's loud.
Sydney: You told Marshall you wanted it louder. I was there.
Dixon: Okay. My headache and I are 1017.

Sydney: Listen, I know we just met on the flight over, but do you have to talk like such a robotron?
Operative: Radio silence requested.
Sydney: I guess you do.

Weiss: Whooo. Impressive.
Vaughn: Yeah.
Weiss: Balls of steel!
(Vaughn laughs.)
Weiss: No, that's what I'm gonna call you from now on. (to agent walking by) Hey. Have you met Balls of Steel?

Weiss: Any word from her yet?
Vaughn: No. I don't expect to hear anything 'til she gets back.
Weiss: Your girlfriend's name is Alice, right?
Vaughn: Would you shut up?
Weiss: I'm just checking to see--
Vaughn: Get out of my office!

Vaughn: I'm scared for Sydney. I know I'm off the case. (sighs) But, I want her to come back.

Lambert: You sure wrote a hell of a lot about this Bristow girl. Anything else I need to know about her?
Vaughn: I think you'll find that Sydney is quite capable of speaking for herself.

Sloane: Marshall, would you please go back to work?
Marshall: Just to clarify, I'm not being fired?
Sloane: Back to work means not fired.

Sydney: Tell Devlin if Agent Vaughn isn't on the end of this earpiece when I turn it on, the CIA gets nothing.
Lanbert: Vaughn is a junior officer.
Sydney: Then promote him.

Sydney: Who am I talking to?
Vaughn: Your invisible friend.
Sydney: Good. Where are you?
Vaughn: Satellite relay station back in LA, watching you from a two-hundred mile orbit.
Sydney: My guardian angel.
Vaughn: I was going to say the same thing to you. Thanks for the promotion.
Sydney: You're welcome.

Vaughn: No. She and I are not remotely m- You thought I was married this whole time?
Sydney: I quess so. What's the big deal?

Sydney: I'm going shoppin'!
Dixon: Bring us back something, would you?
Sydney: That's the plan!

Vaughn: When you're at your absolute lowest, at your most depressed, just remember that you can know. You got my number.

Francie: Maybe he's here to talk to you about the humilating kiss.
Sydney: Stop calling it that.
Francie: That's what it was.

Vaughn: Look, you may be right about Dixon, but you can't volunteer a man for double agent duty if he hasn't asked for it. I mean, his whole life, his family? You'd be putting all that at risk. You. Is that a decision you want to make for him?

Dixon: Syd, we've been together at lot of years. I trust you. I trust you, and I love you.

Sydney: What's this?
Vaughn: A bug.
Sydney: What are you, twelve years old?

Vaughn: Behind it is a marble wall with stars carved in it. It's a memorial to the agents the company lost in action. Families are never told how they died, or even where. Only that they won't be coming home. I was eight when my father became one of those stars.

Jack: Listen carefully, Mr. Vaughn. Even with a minimal extraction team, you can't guarantee containment. And if Sloane finds out, Sydney's dead anyway.
Vaughn: Retire her early. Pull her out of service!
Jack: And in the process, expose her operations at SD-6.
Vaughn: Sydney's life is worth the risk!
Jack: Not to Sydney! Taking them down is what gets her her up in the morning. Or...did you think it was those meetings she has with you?
Vaughn: Hey! What is your problem with me?
Jack: You pulled my file last week, that's my problem, Mr.Vaughn. Now, did curiosity get the better of you, or were you trying to impress my daughter?
Vaughn: (sighs) She thinks you were KGB. But I'm sure you already knew that. So what I'm wondering is what were you doing checking up on me checking up on you?

Sydney: They're going to kill us both if we don't help each other to get out of here.
Martin Shepard: Then you've got a real problem, because I'm not leaving here. I would rather die than leave here the way I am now. Piss off.

Sydney: How did you get out of your room?
Martin: Oh, I've got good at it. I pretended - I pretended to swallow my tongue, and I lifted the keys.

Sydney: You think I'd help you get out of here if I thought you'd kill someone?
Martin: Unless you're planning on killing me.
Sydney: Why would I do that?

Martin: I feel like I've been stolen from myself...I don't know if there was ever a me...I don't know who...Please, tell me who you are, Sydney. Maybe that will help me to understand-
Sydney: How did you know my name?

Vaughn: We were worried.
Sydney: Yeah, I know. The CIA hates to lose its assets.
Vaughn: No, I mean, I was worried for you.

Sydney: How do I look?
Dixon: For the record, that's a question you never have to ask.

Sloane: That reporter may be a casualty of his own curiosity.

Vaughn: Are you romantically interested in anyone? Could be a question.
Sydney: No, I'm not.
Vaughn: Interesting.
Sydney: Wait, ask me that again.
Vaughn: No, I don't have to. We have our answer right here. That's very good. Moving on.

Marshall: You know that boom? That's my mind blowing.

Francie: Can you not be a reporter for, like, two minutes?
Will: I'm asking because I care. I just think it's weird for something else like this to happen to you. I mean, first it's Danny, now it's this.
Francie: Leave her alone, or I will kick your ass. I'm not kidding.

Jack: You go in like this, you pull her out, it'll only prove that you've intercepted Sloane's communique and Sydney will be exposed.
Vaughn: You don't know that for a fact.
Jack: Why am I even talking to you?

Marshall: Okay, um, this place you're going to is swank. I mean, it's, like, super-swank, which is why I made you these puppies. Now, not only do they take pictures silently and have a telephoto lens, but they're super-swank.

Jack: Whoever the hell you think you are-checking up on me, pulling my file, second-guessing my choices-let's just both face the facts. You're not that person. Neither your experience, nor your intelligence has earned you the right to question a thing I do. Now, I'm going to make two suggestions. One that you stop it. And two, that the next time they assign you to be my handler, you kindly decline.
Vaughn: Rusik never transmitted a thing, did he?
Jack: Of course he didn't. If you got the SD-6 transmission, why the hell are you asking me?
Vaughn: I never got the SD-6 transmission. It was just a hunch.

Sydney: Sorry that I called you on the weekend. Its just that I needed to talk to you.
Vaughn: You don't ever have to appologize for calling. Speaking of which, I brought you something.
Sydney: What? No, you didn't.
Vaughn: I don't know, just, I was in this store, you know, um, this little antique place--
Sydney: What were you doing in an antique store?
Vaughn: I don't know. Whatever. Um, if you don't like it, just, um, don't tell me.
Sydney: Okay.
Vaughn: Merry Christmas.
Sydney: Merry Christmas.

Vaughn: Let me make one thing very clear, Mr.Hassan. The extent to which I am willing to service you is when I offer you a soda.

Sydney: How much closer?
Dixon: In this lighting? Two inches.
Sydney: (sachastically) Greaaat.

Guy: You're american?
Sydney: That's right. God bless America.

Vaughn: You're amazing.

Vaughn: Let's be honest here. In twenty minutes, you're going to be shipped off to a maximum security prison outside Los Angelos. By 5 p.m., you're going to be someone's after dinner mint. So unless you start cooperating with me, real fast, respect is going to be the least of your problems.

Sydney: He licked my face.
Vaughn: I understand.
Sydney: No you don't, really. He licked my face!

Vaughn: (Releases safety on gun.) Give me the code you son of a bitch or I'll pull the trigger!
Hassan: I have no doubt that's true.
(Vaughn fumes, staring coldly at Hassan. He rips his headset off.)
Vaughn: (To Weiss.) Start typing!
Weiss: Me?!? (Begins typing.)

Vaughn: Did it make you feel better about yourself telling Barnett I got Sydney a Christmas gift?
Haladaki: You're too emotionally attached to that woman!
Vaughn: Oh, like you would know anything about being emotionally attached to a woman!
Haladaki: I think your judgement's impaired!
Vaughn: I think I'm gonna kick your ass!

Sydney: There's this woman, a personality like a collage I've put together from the photographs, the few memories I have, the scraps of stories I've heard, the clothes of hers I've got, her books. None of it's real. She wasn't that woman at all. She was a horrible person--who killed your father. Vaughn, I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry. [Sydney looks tearfully at Vaughn. He walks over to Syd and silently embraces her, cradling her head with one hand and gently patting her back with the other.]

Sydney: You like hockey, right? The Kings?
Vaughn: Yeah. How did you--
Sydney: The pen you keep in your briefcase. Its a Kings pen.
Vaughn: Yeah, I got that at--
Sydney: They're playing the Islanders next week. We should go.
[Vaughn looks up at Sydney with a surprised and happy grin that quickly falls into a concerned frown.]
Vaughn: Sydney, you can't do this.

Agent Weiss: Do you really want some space, or are you and I going to get drunk? There's this bar you won't even remember tomorrow.

Haladki: C'mon, Bristow's mom-your dad, it's not like a secret around here. Vaughn, (as he's shaking his head) that really sucks.
Agent Weiss: (Annoyed) Well put.

Haladki: I like thick crust, in case you wanted me to come.
Agent Weiss: Oh, hey-we don't.

Vaughn: This a charge of C-4. I can tell, 'cause it says "C-4" everywhere.

Sydney: The explosives are located behind steel plates that are bolted to the walls. Vaughn: Which you opened by yourself?

Vaughn: The storage room where I got in. That's where we'll meet.
Sydney: Then maybe we can go to that hockey game.
Vaughn: (small smile) Maybe.

Cole: You're the bad ass that's been killing my men? I don't know, I just thought you'd be an ugly guy. Step in, girlie.

Haladki: What the hell is going on?
Weiss: If I find out that you screwed Vaughn, you do understand, that your ass is mine.
Haladki: I'm not scared of you.
Weiss: Well, you should start being scared of me.

Vaughn: I'm not kidding. Think about it. What you do. Hockey can wait. I don't think what you're doing here can.

Vaughn: No, but, um, what you said about wanting to go to a hockey game...wanting me to be part of your life... I, uh, I think I wasn't clear about something. (pause) That it would be nice to be in public with you, to actually get to look at you. Grab a pizza or go to a hockey game. I-I just... I wasn't clear that I would really like that, too.

(Sydney is being appluaded for thwarting Mckennas Cole) Sydney: It made me sick. Those people standing there, patriots, believing they work for the U.S. Government, none of them realizing the information they gather is used by heartless men like Arvin Sloane for an oranization that would trade their lives for a profit in a heartbeat.

Sydney: I just wanted to rip his finger right off again. Does that make me a bad person?
Vaughn: [chuckles] No. But it might have blown your cover.
Sydney: You think?

Vaughn: Are you okay?
Sydney: Its nothing, I'm just a little bruised.
Vaughn: Oh. [Vaughn looks closer at Syd's face.] I can't really tell.
Sydney: That's because I'm wearing like a pound of cover-up.

Sydney: You and I are friends Charlie, so you know I have nothing against you going into this. But I sware to God, you marry Francie without telling her what you've been up to an I will Kill You. No discussion.
Charlie: Syd...
Sydney: You tell her or I will.

Francie: You know...Sydney, there are a LOT of things we haven't said to each other lately.
Sydney: Like what?
Francie: Like I know you didn't like Charlie when you didn't show up that day to look at wedding dresses...
Sydney: Francie that was about work nothing else!
Francie: I'm so SICK of your stupid bank job! God, ever since you started working there you've been elitist and private...
Sydney: Francie...
Francie: Yeah you let me live here. And that was fine. But you and I were a lot closer when I was living with Charlie...which is probably where I should have stayed. I don't even know who you are anymore. An I don't want to.

Sydney: This isn't a logistical question. This is a moral one.
Vaughn: A moral one? Sydney, you're a spy. This is hardly the darkest decision you've had to make!

Vaughn: You said Emily invited you and a friend.
Sydney: Mm-hmm.
Vaughn: You taking anyone?

Vaughn: Now, they say it's bitchin', so I'm assuming it's bitchin'.

Vaughn: You look really pretty.

Vaughn: Yeah, I'll break into the Vatican with you.

Vaughn: So, I was thinking, later tonight when we get the code key, maybe we can check it out?
Sydney: What, the restaurant?
Vaughn: Yeah, well, it's almost too good not to.
Sydney: Unless SD-6 spots us there and has us killed.
Vaughn: Well, the food's so good it's almost worth the risk.

Evans: "This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks. Signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works. Bind them with fury, a burning anger unless prevented at vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation."

Jack: I have no desire to blow your head off, or ruin your paint job, but I will do both unless you tell me where the hell Sydney Bristow is.

Sydney: What the hell are you doing?
Vaughn: Proving the prophecy is not about you.
Jack: Sydney, we'll explain everything when we get there.
Sydney: Dad?!
Jack: Hey, honey.

Sydney: You didn't think about it. Not once. The possibility that Rambaldi could be right about me.
Vaughn: No. I didn't.
Sydney: Why not?
Vaughn: Because I believe in you. Do you think I'd just throw anyone in my trunk?

Sydney: SD-6 discourages, you know, fraternization among agents.
Vaughn: So does the CIA.

Vaughn: Half a can only. I don't want to come home to a fat dog.

Sydney: I killed a man. Someone I cared about.
Vaughn: Noah Hicks was an assassin. If you hadn't killed him, he would've killed you.
Sydney: Maybe, but I'm the one who forced the fight.
Vaughn: Hicks was a bad guy.

Sydney: Khasinau is out there somewhere.
Vaughn: Yes.
Sydney: My mom is out there.
Vaughn: And we'll find them.
Sydney: I have to go to class.
Vaughn: Wait. (Puts an ice pack on her bruised knuckles) Take care of yourself.
Sydney: Thanks.

Francie: See, the thing about rats is they're clever. You have to out think them. You can't really just leave out cheese. You have to leave the good stuff. You know, the heavy duty stuff. The stuff that they want. It's the only way they're gonna come out. Otherwise you're just wasting your time.

Sloane: Marshall, get me the last bioscan profile on Edward Poole.
Marshall: Sure. Right away. It's a pop-up book. Making them clears my mind. It helps me- Feel free to dock me any amount that you feel is-

Sloane: Are you suggesting I allow you to kill my wife to enhance my standing within the alliance?

Jack: Focus, Mr. Tippin.

Vaughn: (to other agent) Take position over there! But cover fire only! I don't want Bristow hurt!

Dixon: Sydney, for the record, I did miss you.

Sloane: We've been somewhat curious about your employer, Alexander Khasinau.
Sark: Well, you're in good company.
Sloane: Yes, but we have you.
Sark: Indeed.
Sloane: I need to find your employer.
Sark: You raise an interesting point. Given my current state of affairs, it doesn't seem as if my affiliation with Mr. Khasinau is long for this earth.
Sloane: We both know you're a clever young man, so we don't need to play games. You're valuable to me. You can help me find Khasinau. I'm valuable to you, obviously.
Sark: I understand I am in no position to demand anything, but, for the record, I am far more comfortable talking over a glass of Chateau Patruce...'82...

Vaughn: I don't know how to be Sydney's handler without making it personal.
Weiss: Figure out a way.

Sark: I must admit, I was only half serious when I asked for the Patruce. I just assumed after what Khasinau's done, sending men into this facility, murdering some of your men, that regardless of what I said, you'd split my belly with a hunting knife.
Sloane: Do you think that's the kind of activity the CIA engages in?
Sark: Not the CIA...
Sloane: Khasinau sent you to Moscow to negotiate with K-Directorate. He trusts you. You know things.
Sark: I'd suppose I'd better know things. However, to be clear, my employer hardly tells me everything. (Sloane slowly drinks his wine.)
Sloane: We will collaborate, you and I. You will lead me to Khasinau, understand?
Sark: (eyes wine glass) May I? (Sloane gets up and brings Sark his wine glass.)
Sloane: Understand?
Sark: Understood.

Sydney: Wait a minute, I don't understand. We've been hunting Khasinau for months...
Sloane: Now, Sydney, I know you have a personal stake in this...
Sydney: No, we're gonna be in the same room as this guy and you want us to go after a document?! This is ridiculous! Let's just get the son of a bitch.
Sloane: Sydney, no one wants Khasinau more than I do. No one.

Jack: Take this.
Will: What's this?
Jack: A time release metamphetimine to counter act the effects of sodium pentathoyl.
Will: Sodium pentathoyl? Like a truth serum? They're gonna give me that?
Jack: I would.
Will: Great.
Jack: Don't worry. I'll be monitoring you the whole time. Do you have your cover story straight?
Will: They're gonna kill me, aren't they?
Jack: If they wanted that, you would have been dead long ago. They need you, because you can publish the story and because you know someone who knows about the circumference. I wouldn't let you do this if I thought that the odds were in favor of your murder.
Will: Great.
Jack: After tonight, I'll have a recording of your interrogater's voice, possibly even of your contact's, if he's foolish enough to make an appearance. Either way, we have a lead to trace.

Khasinau's man: Your arm, please.
Will: So, are you the person I've been talking to?
Khasinau's man: He will be along shortly. First we have questions.
Will: What's that, sodium pentathoyl?
Khasinau's man: Yes, so that our conversation runs smoothly. Tell me, Mr. Tippin, how did you find out about the circumference?
Will: I heard about it.
Khasinau's man: From who? A name, Mr. Tippin!
Will: A name? Let me think...

Will: Who the hell are you people?!

Sydney: I told you not to pursue this story.
Will: I know you did.
Sydney: Danny was killed because he knew. Because I told him. They were gonna kill me, too.
Will: That's why you asked for my sister's passport.
Sydney: I know that you have questions and I would like to answer them, but I can't. I'm so afraid that you know anything about me at all.
Will: I only went after this story because of Danny. You didn't have any answers as to who killed the man that you loved and I just couldn't stand that. It broke my heart. I wanted to help. But you gotta know this, I'm not gonna ask you a thing. I am not gonna ask anyone anything. You never have to worry about that.
Sydney: You promise me...because Danny just left a message on the machine, he didn't-
Will: Syd, Syd, I promise you. Never. I was thinking on the flight back...what your life's like, what you have to go through, what you've had to keep from your friends, how hard that must be. Syd, I don't love you because of what you do, or what you don't do. I just love you.
Sydney: Thank you.
Will: Thank you. You saved my life.

Sark: My employer's instructed me to keep you alive...but not comfortable. So, I'll ask you once. What is the circumference and how do you know about it?
Will: Listen to me, man, there's been a major misunderstanding here. I don't know what the circumference is. Do you understand me? I don't know.

Syd: (answers phone) Hello.
Sark: Sydney Bristow?
Syd: Yes.
Sark: I'm calling on this line because I know its untraceable. Listen to me very carefully. We have your friend and we're planning to kill him. Unless you do the following. There's a document recently stolen from a nightclub in Paris. It belongs to my employer. Now it appears to be a blank page and there's a great value to it. He's wants it back. Along with a certain container of liquid. I believe you are familiar with the items to which I am referring.
Syd: Yes, I am.
Will: (on phone, in background) Syd, don't listen to him! Don't do anything for me!
Sark: You have 48 hours. There's an alleyway in Taipei. Ho Ping Ruinard. Be there, Tuesday at midnight.

Vaughn: I'm so sorry about this. But there's no reason to assume the worst. They used tranquilizers on the security team, which means they weren't out for blood. If this is a kidnapping, they'll contact us.
Syd: I'm just so scared for him. You'll contact me if you hear anything. Vaughn?
Vaughn: What's going on?
Syd: What do you mean?

Emily: Arvin, you're scaring me.
Sloane: SD-6 is not part of the CIA.

Man: You had a cavity. Talk to me about the circumference.
Will: I don't know a thing about the circumference. I swear to God.''t...

Dixon: In Aconcagua, when I was shot, you used the call sign, "freelancer". Sydney, your SD-6 password was "bluebird". I wanna give you the benefit of the doubt. I even made excuses for you in my head. Trouble is, I don't believe any of those excuses. Who are you working for? And do not play games with me!
Sydney: Dixon, you know that I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that I would never do anything to betray what we believe in.
Dixon: How am I supposed to know what you believe when you've been lying to me?! I'm your partner!
Sydney: Just think about this for a minute. Just think about everything we've been through. Just think about who I am. Now, what I'm gonna ask you to do is just accept the fact that I can not tell you what this is about. What I am doing is classified. Dix, I swear to you that I am not betraying this country. I could never do that. You know that.
Dixon: I don't need rhetoric, Sydney. Right now, I need a reason not to report you to Security Section.

Man: A gentleman I know makes this truth serum. I would have used it earlier, except that one in five men who receives it has an unfortunate reaction. It results in paralysis, among other things. (Injects Will with the serum.) Tell me about the circumference.
Will: (crying) I don't know.

Vaughn: Hey.
Sydney: Hi. How did you find me?
Vaughn: You told me a couple of months ago that when you feel the need to disappear you go to the observatory. But, the observatory was closed. Then I remembered you said the pier calms you down, but you weren't there. And you weren't at the bluffs in the Palisades, either.
Sydney: You didn't really go to all those places...
Vaughn: Yeah, I did. And then I remembered you like the train station, too. Normal people go to their normal jobs.
Sydney: I can't believe you remembered that.
Vaughn: He's contacted you, hasn't he. Khasinau. And he wants the page. You're gonna give it to him.
Sydney: You came here to stop me.
Vaughn: My father used to keep a diary. When I was a kid, I used to say, "Hey Dad, only girls keep diaries.", and he'd just laugh. He was a really good guy, my dad. But he was too hard on himself. I mean, he was such a company guy that whenever he slipped up, even in the slightest way, he took it so personally. And there were a few operations, his last one among them, that he questioned. Operations he refused to participate in, but only in his diary. He - he'd write out what he wanted to say to the CIA director. I mean, things he could never say in real life. He was a company man and I loved him very much, but it killed him. Never questioning orders. His blind devotion to the job. If you're doing what I think you're doing, I'm in...if you need me.
Sydney: Thank you.

Sydney: Who told you about this?
Jack: A source. Khasinau's already built one of these devices and it's in this warehouse. Underground lab, room 47. The meeting with Sark is scheduled to take place two hours from now. That means by the time I hand over the page in exchange for Tippin, you must have destroyed not only the device they've built, but the lab itself.
Sydney: Destroying the device should be easy; it's the size of a shoe. What about the lab?
Jack: Here. It's a red mercury charge with a mechanical fuse.
Sydney: I'll see what they need.
Jack: (to Vaughn) I understand the risks you've taken here and you have my respect for that.

Man: If he knew anything about the circumference we would have heard it.
Sark: I suspected as much. Prepare Mr. Tippin for the exchange.

Will: One in five, you little bitch! One in five!
Man: Get a doctor!
Will: (laughing) One in five! One in five!

Emily: Arvin, I can't judge you for what you do. I was never there, I was never faced with the choices you had to make, and...what I'm trying to say is...I forgive you.

Sydney: Vaughn, it's bigger than I thought.

Woman: I have waited almost thirty years for this.
Sydney: Mom?