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                                      Mr. Elias Baz
                                  Vice President for Finance and Administration

   Mr. Elias Baz was appointed Vice President for Finance and Administration in the fall of 1995. He joined LAU Beirut in 1986 as Assistant Comptroller and in 1988 was appointed Director of Administration. Mr. Baz started his career as an auditor with the National Institute for the Guarantee of Investments where his work involved cost analysis and evaluation of Capital Assets. Then a Senior Auditor for five years at Deloitte and Touche where he supervised a team of junior auditors performing financial and management audits for local and international corporations and in different industries.

   In his capacity as the Vice President for Finance and Administration, he oversees the well being of the different areas under “Finance & Administration”. This includes: Financial Planning & budgeting, Physical Plant & Construction, Information Technologies and Systems, Human Resources, Purchasing and other related administrative services. He provides leadership in developing policies and procedures to ensure that all the functions are properly run.

   Mr. Baz had his BBA and MBA from the American University of Beirut.