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                      Dr. Tarek Na’was
                  Dean of Student Services, Beirut

   Dr. Tarek Na’was was appointed as Dean of Student Services of the Beirut Campus as of October 1, 1998.
Dr. Na’was, an Associate Professor of Microbiology, had his BS in Biology in 1997, MS in Microbiology in 1979 and Ph.D. in Basic Medical Sciences (Microbiology) in 1983, from the American University of Beirut. Dr. Na’was underwent postdoctoral training in the Special Bacteriology Laboratory of the Centers for Disease control and Prevention in 1985.

   As an assistant professor Dr. Na’was joined the Yarmouk University (1983 - 1987) and the Jordan University for Science and Technology (1987 - 1988), where he was promoted to associate professor and was appointed Chair of the Allied Health Sciences Department of the School of Medicine (1989 - 1991). Dr. Na’was was granted the Shouman Award for young Arab Scientists in the field of Basic Medical Sciences in 1993 and the Fulbright Research Grant in 1994.

   Dr. Na’was has several publications in recognized and reputable international journals and has contributed to many professional conferences, seminars and workshops.