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                      Dr. Nabeel Haidar

                         Vice President for Academic Affairs

  Dr. Nabeel Haidar was appointed Vice President for Academic Affairs since October 1, 1992.

  Dr. Haidar, a Professor of Chemistry, has a BS and MS Degrees from the American University of Beirut and a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. He has served since 1982 as Associate Dean and Director of Off-campus programs, and was appointed Academic Dean, Byblos, in March 1988. He has published a number of scholarly articles and has been very effective in the development of our new facilities in Byblos and the academic program of this branch. In his capacity as the Vice President for Academic Affairs, he is responsible for the over-all academic programs of the University and supervises the activities of the Deans at the various campuses and the Directors of Centers for Research Studies. He acts for the President in his absence from the country or when he is incapacitated.

   He has published several articles in chemical journals and has contributed chapters to several books on the topics of National and International Education as well as the topics of Educational Exchange and Peace. He established several research institutes at LAU and under his tenure LAU’s graduate programs increased from 1 to 8 while the undergraduate programs increased by 17. Also, under his academic tenure LAU established the professional programs in Engineering, Pharmacy and Architecture.
   Dr. Haidar serves on the Boards of several Educational Institutions and on special national and international educational councils.