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Southern Colonies Fact Sheet



  1. What were the names of the Southern Colonies?


  1. Why did King Charles I give Lord Baltimore a charter to start a new colony?


  1. Why was the colony named Maryland?


  1. Who started the colony of Carolina?  This colony was later divided into what two parts?


  1. What was the last group of settlements to founded and in what year?


  1. This area the English called the southern colonies was home to several tribes of Native Americans. Name the tribes.


  1. Which was the largest tribe?


  1. How was this tribe better able to protect their lands?


  1. Who was Chief Tomochichi? Where did he live? Was his tribe part of the Creek Confederacy?


  1. Who was General James Oglethrope? What reasons did King George II have for allowing Oglethorpe to start the colony of Georgia?


  1. What did farmers find that the red clay soil of the Appalachian foothills was good for?


  1. How long did the growing season last along the Atlantic Coastal Plain? What did planters in this region grow?


  1. How did Chief Tomochichi help the colonists to start Savannah?


  1. By the 1750ís what had changed in the Georgia colony?

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