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Julien S Bassan

This website is dedicated to BMW's that I love

A 1988 BMW M6

This car is by far one of the ultimate driving machines.  A total of 5,803 were built,
 with only 1,600 of those sold in the U.S.

A brief history of the BMW six series:

The BMW 6 series was built between 1976 and 1989 with relatively few body changes. It was built off the same chasis and and shared many other attributes with the 5 series.The first model was the 630CS which used the same engine as the earlier 3.0CS. An injected version, the 630CSi followed and then the 633CSi. The next model was the 635CSi. The awe inspiring M6 with a 24 valve I6 engine produced an incredible 286bhp.

Here are some model specifications:

Model Engine Produced
Power / Weight
(bhp / 1000kg)
Final drive ratio
(inc. options)
630CS M30 75-79 185 3.45 Disc/Disc
630CSi M30 75-79 191 3.45 Disc/Disc
633CSi M30 75-81 185 3.25 Disc/Disc ABS
635CSi M30 77-89 152 3.07 / 3.45 (US) Disc/Disc ABS
M6 S38 83-89 191 3.73 Disc/Disc ABS


Here is a pristine example of a euro six series.  Euro models are more desired because they did not have to follow the strict anti pollution laws of the US and thus had considerably more horsepower








Here is a a model of the six series developed by BMW for racing. 

It has a modified front air dam, spoiler, as well as numerous other










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