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  Welcome to the sports section of my page! This will mainly reflect on my high school athletic career.  In fact, that's all it will do.

  Wrestling is my main sport.  I was on the first wrestling team for my high school.  I was in 10th grade and weighed near 102 lbs.  My weight class was 103.  Our team did very well in our first season, and it left me loving the sport.  When I moved up to 11th grade, I moved up in weight too.  I went to the next weight class up, which is 112.  Once again, it was an awesome season! Even though I was considered to be good, I hadn't moved on to a regional tournament yet as I was in a very tough district.  Anyone who wrestles in Virginia knows that the Bull Run district is no picnic.  My senior year came around, and I was surprised at how much I had changed since the beginning.  To this day and forever, I have to say that before I wrestled, I was a pansy. I'm sort of just joking around there, but it certainly toughened me up.  In 12th grade I wrestled in the 119 lb. weight class, and I did move on to regionals.  The bad thing is that I felt really sick that day, and I think the strain I'd put on my body during the season was starting to take its toll on me. I was one match off of placing so that I could go to the Virginia State tournament.  It was a major bummer, but it isn't like I can do anything about it now.  I did, however, tie with one of my wrestling friends(Brian 112) for the most pins that year.  Wrestling was fun while it lasted, and I'm not sure that it has even come to an end for me.  We'll see how it goes.

  Next comes Cross-country.  This was my chilling sport.  I didn't care that much about C.C., but I did try.  I also was a decent member of the team in my senior year.  I will boast that my fastest first-mile was 5:57, which I could never do now.  Although my normal 1st-miles were usually around 6:15, give me my glory please.  The thing about C.C. was that it was only mind vs. matter as opposed to wrestling in which you have to consider your opponent.  Also during wrestling we cut weight.  In C.C. the coach used to take us to Pizza Hut after a race... talk about an awesome coach.  Coach Fields was awesome, and Coach Lambiasi was the man!  The most I can say about our C.C. team is that we were "decent", but we did have some hardcore people.  The main thing is that we had a blast!



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