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 I like to think of myself as a very active individual.  I especially like to play sports to get fit... don't really enjoy straight-out lifting.  Then I also like to be involved in more intellectual activities such as reading or writing and playing computer games.  I can't forget to mention movies either.  Ya gotta love 'em(unless they're chick!

bulletSports - There are sports that I enjoy playing, and there are others that I love to watch.  Well, I do like to watch soccer!  It's amazing to see what the pros can do with the ball, but even though I'm not quite as good, I still will play with friends.  That's actually the same with football.  I love to play, but I'm not that great at it.  I usually don't keep up with it on tv, but I always watch the superbowl.  Pretty much, I'm a fan of all sports.  I'd love to watch boxing, but I never do because I don't have cable at home.  In High School, I ran cross-country, and I wrestled.  Wrestling, in my  opinion, is the best sport in the world, and there is no greater feeling than getting your hand raised in victory after a match!  Sorry, got a lil' carried away there.  When it comes down to it, there is only one sport that I can't stand, sorry NASCAR fans, but how is that fun to watch?  I guess I just don't understand.  Here is a link to my sports page:
bulletReading/Writing - I used to read like mad-crazy, and I loved science-fiction and fantasy stuff.  I even did some writing of my own!  There are so many unfinished short-stories in a whole bunch of books or just plain notebooks that are probably either in the trash or stashed away in a box.  Writing used to be one of my passions.  It is worthwhile to mention here because I will probably come back to it in no time.  At the moment, I just don't have a lot of time on my hands, but Jonno the writer will re-surface.  Click the link below to read a sample of my writing:
bullet sample
bulletComputers - Back when I had a lot of spare time, I played computer games.  I used to play role-playing, strategy, and first-person shooter games.  That doesn't mean that I don't have a place for arcade games.  Gotta love the classics!  Those are the types of games I played when I was little.  I remember when I got my first GameBoy, and I remember when my brothers and I would play Contra on Nintendo.  I know that's a console and not computer, but consoles are only specialized computers.  So my background with computers includes: gaming, programming, and I have also made webpages with Geocities.  After I got bored of Geocities, I decided to learn HTML, so now it's all I use up until now I mean.  I have to use Frontpage for my CIS class.  My favorite game developers are Blizzard Entertainment.  Go check it out!  I put a link to their site below.
bullet Blizzard Entertainment
bulletMovies - Everybody likes movies, especially on rainy days and such when there isn't anything better to do.  Usually I like to watch action-packed movies with either Jet Li or Bruce Willis.  Other actors I like are: Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson, and, don't laugh, Brad Pitt (come on, Fight Club!)  I also like comedies a lot.  My favorite actor in comedies is Owen Wilson(haha Zoolander and Shang Hai Noon).  To see my favorite movies, check out my Favorites page.
bulletMy Favorites

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