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About Me
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Everything you need to know about me...

This is a page that can be used to describe your personal or professional experiences.  You can post a resume if you have one or you can just talk about some of your experiences.

Hello my name is Jon, and I am from Virginia.  I have resided in many places, but Virginia is the only state I've ever lived in.  Although I have never traveled out of the country, I eventually want to go to Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and England.  Actually, I'd like to go to Chile too, to add one in the western Hemisphere.  I was born April 20, 1986.  I grew up basically all my life in rural areas.  My high school only had about 400 students, and we didn't even have a Middle School.  When I graduated, our first football time was just coming in.  I was on the first wrestling team in Rappahannock Co.  I wrestled for 3 years, and I loved it!  Now I go to James Madison University, and I love this school too.  I'm majoring in CIS, Computer Information Systems, and I plan to begin a career as a computer programmer when I finish college.

Birthday: 4/20/86

School: JMU

... and a random quote: "Watch out for killer ninja-monkeys!"


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