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Where It Gets It's Name
It got it's name Potash from when the people in the olden days use to boil ashes in a pot
to make fertilizer they called it Pot Ash. But it was not until moderen technology that they found
out that it was a natual thing which could be found in the ground.

What Is It?
* A clear Salt like crystal
* Vital for plant growth
* One of three major plant food ingredients
* Nitrogen and Phosphate are the other two
* 22% of the world's supply is mined in Saskatchewan
* Mined over 3,000 feet underground

What Does It Do?
* Increase root growth for plants
* Improves drought resistance for plants
* Helps prevents plants energy loss
* Helps plants hold there water
* Reduces plants wilting
* Replemishes soil nutrients

Mining Terms
About K-1 and K-2
Production of Potash
Types Of Potash

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