"The movie tells the story of the seven Pontipee brothers, who live a lonely bachelor existence on their Oregon farm until Adam (Keel), the eldest, goes to town and courts up a bride (Powell) who can cook. . .She introduces a semblance of culture into their lives. . .by instructing the boys in the niceties of going courtin'. . .they're prepared to settle down to another lonesome winter when Adam whips them into a fervor by telling them Plutarch's story of 'The Rape of the Sabine Women," translated by him as sobbin' women. The boys hitch up the sleigh, sneak into town and kidnap their six chosen girls, sealing off the mountain pass with an avalanche so their pursuers can't get through until next spring. Milly, horrified at the callousness of it all, ensures the safety of the girls by relegating Adam and the boys to the barn for the winter, herself and the girls to the house. But love finds its way, and with the advent of the spring thaw, the townspeople find themselves the reluctant guests at a six-way shotgun wedding."
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