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Japan of Family Church
The History of Japan; From 1970 to now. We have made a Time line of all the most interesting events and threw all the boring ones away to be forgoten forever... Enjoy:)

January 17, 1977; Japan is formed from a 47 year old carpenter named Paul Taylor

March 27, 1978; Animals first inhabit Japan

March 31, 1978; The Animals are killed by the Paul Taylor, the man who made Japan

December 25, 1979; A fat guy named Kyle Briggs sits in Japan to whatch a Christmas special

January 6, 1980; Japan is recovering from the Kyle Briggs disaster...

Febuary 10, 1980; The First Humans inhabit Japan.

August 23, 1981; The first Samurai clan is formed, They are the "Miyahira" clan. The Shogun is Miyahira Katsumori.

August 30, 1981; Several more Samurai clans are formed, the most famous are the Miyahira,(Miyahira, Katsumori) Nandaba, (Nandaba, Naota) Ichiro (Ichiro, Furataro) Kadanataro(Kadanataro, Jaitsuda)

October 15, 1989; All 192 Samurai clans die out. The Final Samurai(Guchira, Monari) is now 94 years old.

May 26, 1991; The Farmers of Japan have invented a box that plays games on a moniter, they call it "Nintendo".

Febuary 9, 1992; A Rival group of Farmers make another game system, they call it "Sega".

November 29, 1992; Both game systems are banned for reason of a group of teenagers using them to summon Demons and old Samurai warriors.

June 2, 1996; Japan is invaded by North Korea.

September 13, 1998; Japan has killed the Korean Invaders, but have losed many during the war.

December 26, 1999; Japan's people die from a plauge no one is left but a person by the name of Ooyamira, Ukaida. (We're working on an manga of him, it should be out by 2006)

August 22, 2004; Japan is Discovered by Aaron Miyahira... And that is The History of Japan.