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Keeps track of up to 10 accounts
Color coding of statements by month
Line graphing of accounts
Files can be opened with Microsoft Excell
Tab Navigatable


If you click anywhere on the graph

it will show the amount at that point

in the info field at the top.



  1. The number column is meant to store a serial number to help you keep track of each of your paper copies (reciepts or atm slips). The idea is that you write the number on your paper copies so you can match them with the entries in the program. Also, when a new entry is added, the number column automatically tries to figure out what the next serial number should be. It looks at the last serial number, gets the first letter and adds the next highest number. For example if you had a Visa card account, the serial numbers would be in the format of V1,V2,V3.....
    the number column can be ignored. It is just to help you keep track of your reciepts.

  2. The date must be entered in the format "mm/dd/yyyy". You can click anywhere on the table to open a popup menu.

  3. Right click on the tabs to rename them.

  4. When you get your statments each month, you just match each item on your statment to the corresponding one on your screen. You then select the month from the entry's dropdown menu. Then, you can use the group function (Right click on the table or click option button) to group them by monthly statement.

A. You can check the balance of old statements with this tool.