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the Angelfire Gallery of Fine Art (eat your heart out Ansel Adams)

God Bless America


is on the air

Hi , and welcome to my site.

Hopefully this will be a place where you might find a link to help, or get information on these things we call
C.B. radios ( 10-forty type 2-way communitation devices).

Aint she sweet..

Here's the Base set-up.. PDC 600 meters, Pride DB20 pre-amp , CPI pre-amp ( is one ever enought) Ranger FC390 Freq. counter , Firebird meter ( left over from the old days ) and a Realistic Pro 2066 scanner.. oh yeah ...My RCI-2980

All going thru a patched up I-Max 2000


more radios


Redneck to English Hand Book

Southern Thangs

About Me


Nascar Heat ( a good online racing game)

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