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My earlier equiptment

The next couple of pages will be some of my former equiptment.

These pics are not the ones I had (Haven't got anything left but the old Pace mobile , and the Maco amp,and neither one works)

Pace 123a

First radio I owned.

Navaho TRC30a & D104

First base setup.

Ran this with a Archer (Realistic) 1/4 wave ground plane. The 'el cheape O base antenna. Cost a whole $12.95 back then.

Havent seen any around in years.

Avanti Astro Plane

Up-graded antenna after a couple years to this.

Never tried anything else untill last year when I went to an I-Max2000

I have changed back and forth between the Astro Plane and the I-Max a few times, But now the Astro Plane has got to have some more repairs made to it , so , the I-Max will stay up a while.....running about 30' high..
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