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Now as for as this site goes..I'll  try  to make it worth your while to browse..

     I'm proud of my Southern background,so I've got a few pages
to let 'non-southerns' kinda   know what its like here....

also some radio stuff

.....Who knows i may even add some of my poems....
.  "there was an old hermit named dave...." wait this is a family site......

I will be updating all the time so ya need to keep coming back..
and if theres something you'd like to see ...just ask..I'll see what i can do


I'm 50, and live in a small town in northeast Alabama....
If ' n your not from the south you might need to get
the red neck to english handbook, to follow along..

Contrary to popular belief we all don't have a couple of cars jacked
up on blocks in our front yard .Besides my grass is so tall you
couldn't see mine anyway....

I have a cat with 6 toes on one foot, a daughter with 5 on each foot ,
and a son who caint count that high...nawww  really he is
going to Auburn University, a real whiz at math..
Daughter is married and gave birth to my granddaughter in October,If you look around this site I'm sure you'll find some photos of her...(LOL), and the cat just lays around,whenever
it's not running thru the house at top speed. If I rearrange the furniture
someday she'll run right into the couch.., the cat that is , not my daughter.
(well, ya never know)

I first got started into radios in the early 70's. Just ran a mobile at first. Then one night , after setting in the car most of the night talking around, I decided I needed a base. So I went to radio Shack the next morning and bought a complete setup( glade my credit was good).Got a Realistic Navaho TRC-30a , a D104, and a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna. Cheap set up , but the thing talked . After about 2 years I upgraded my antenna to an Astro plane.It was a good setup, if I could hear ya , i could talk to ya. Of course this was durning a lull in the skip cycle, so local talking was all there was.At night 70 , 80 , 90 miles was normal distance to talk.

In 77 , 78 skip started rolling, about the time I upgraded again. This time i had a Lafayette Comstat 35, and added a Maco 100. Also put up a set of Gizmotchy 3 element beams.

Now about this time 'Smokey and the Bandit' came out.So then I had to get a Trans Am. Dang i loved that car.

I went thru some more radios and antennas before getting married , then had to give it up.Got back into radios in the mid-80's for about a year,then off again. In 2003 decided since children are grown, I might as well get back into it.So this is where I am today.

I'll add pic's of some of the equiptment I've had. Or at least copy's of them and the Trans Am( spent some time in photoshop putting that bird on there, just so yall'd know what it looked like).

Spent a while trying to find pics of all that stuff.

Bandit Trans Am

Ran a Royce gyro-loc 601 ( some of the first to have modded PLLs, cause this was before 40's were legal) and a Power Wing antenna. Haven't been able to find any pics of the Power Wing, But it was a wing about a foot from the mounting bracket, with a little stinger on top. Also colored gold to match the car ( main reason I got the antenna).

Bandit T/A

If you'll notice the bird on the hood. it's not the one that came on it. this bird was on the special Ed. in 79.. but it looked better than the regular bird. And I had to have the bird replaced on my T/A anyway so I got this one.

Nice car, and ran like the wind. Even some 'vetts found that out.

" The Alabama C.B. Rascals" A local C.B. club I was in from back in the late 70's

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