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This is a publication that has been
long awaited by many.

July 2007 saw the the 50th anniversary of Frank Randle’s death
and to commemorate this acclaimed biography by
Philip Martin Williams & David L. Williams was produced.

With a Foreword by 'Carry On' Star Jack Douglas

Frank Randle was one of the great music hall comedians and arguably Britain’s greatest ever comic character actor. Today fifty years after his death the mention of his name still brings a smile to many faces. He was the major attraction for years in Blackpool summer shows and a star of low budget films, all box office successes.

His own touring company ‘Randle’s Scandals’ packed theatres for over ten years. On stage Randle wasn’t a comedian in the sense of the stand-up variety he didn’t tell jokes per se - the small collection in his repertoire were to last him his whole career. His act consisted mainly of sketches or routines in which he played differing character creations. Three of these characters were to become almost as famous as the man himself ‘The Boatman’, ‘Grandpa’ and his classic ‘The Old Hiker’. Like other comedians he did have his catchphrases, which included ‘Gerrof mi foot’, I’ve supped some ale toneet’ and ‘She’s a hot ‘un’ (the last being a Randle-ism for a young shapely female).

With his popularity however, came notoriety his name appearing in newspaper headlines almost as often as on theatre bills and his appearances in court were as frequent as on stage. To some people, fans and colleagues, Randle was more than a first rate comedian he was a man who was kind hearted, generous, charitable and a thoroughly well-mannered gentleman. To others he was devious, aggressive, foulmouthed, drunken or quite plainly mad. Certainly his life was at times troubled and he seemed to have been a man burdened with many inner complexities.

In writing this book almost fifty years after his death the authors’ found it extremely difficult to discover just what made the man tick – Indeed even during his lifetime it appears that no one truly got to know him. After over four years of painstaking research HOYD Publications present a landmark account of a man who made an invaluable contribution to British comedy.

Randle fans along with film buffs have bemoaned the lack of accessible material until now. This book may or may not alter your opinion of Randle, what it will do is give a fascinating look at his life.

9” x 6” paperback. 230 pages with approximately
125 photos and illustrations

“The life, and what a life, of this wild man of British comedy… is told in impressive detail in [Wired to the Moon]. A warts and all story of a man who, to this day, is regarded as possibly England’s finest comic actor. “Wired to the Moon is a fitting tribute to mark the 50th anniversary of [Randle’s] death. “Anyone who remembers Frank Randle with fondness will enjoy the book…” Oldham Evening Chronicle.

“The authors, through years of painstaking research, have presented a landmark account of a man who made an invaluable contribution to British comedy”. Blackpool Gazette:

“Was this man the most objectionable in showbiz history? A comic genius but Frank Randle was also capable too of being devious, aggressive, foul-mouthed, drunk or ‘plainly mad’… hence the title of the book on the life of Randle… as Wired to the Moon”. .
Huddersfield Daily Examiner:

“Randle’s scandals are laid bare for all. “A misunderstood comic genius is the subject of a new book [Wired to the Moon]”. Tameside Advertiser:

“A story that’s so Frank…” The Bolton News:

“The comic Frank "I'm vulgar not filthy" Randle was starring in Mother Goose at the Lyceum [Sheffield]. Randle, who had made his name in the touring Randle's Scandals, was a favourite with Sheffield audiences. He played Jack and had a novel way of performing. As a new book, Wired to the Moon, reveals, one night he disappeared from the stage. The cast saw him sitting in the stalls. “I’ve never seen the show from the front," he said to roars of laughter”.
Sheffield Star:

“It's amazing to think that it was practically thirty years ago that Jeff Nuttall's biography of Frank Randle - 'King Twist' was published. It's been a long wait for another biography but finally the Williams brothers have completed theirs and the wait was well worth it. Much more painstakingly researched than Jeff's and lavishly illustrated – no Randle or Mancunian fan can afford to be without this book. Its pages are packed with anecdotes, reminiscences and press cuttings. They paint a very caring picture of a difficult, even dangerous character, and they don't spare their punches when it comes to 'telling it like it was'. “I needn't tell you how absolutely essential this book is - it just is!” Dr CP Lee, author, broadcaster and lecturer at the University of Salford. CP is also the man behind the web site.

‘Wired to the Moon’ has also been included in ‘The Redditch Advertiser’,
‘The Rochdale Observer’,‘Wigan Observer’
and many more.


This book is now out of print but new copies are still in stock HERE

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Download ‘Wired to the Moon’ Errata here.

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