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Theatrical World of Arthur Twist – The Early Career of Frank Randle

by Philip Martin Williams & David L. Williams
with a Foreword by Ken Dodd

The perferct companion to ‘Wired to the Moon’

Four years after the publication of their landmark Randle biography ‘Wired to the Moon’, the authors have produced this excellent volume covering the early career of Frank Randle.

The Theatrical World of Arthur Twist is the fascinating story of the rise to fame of music hall comedian Frank Randle. In his heyday Randle was recognised as one of the country's greatest comedy character actors. His own variety shows 'Randle's Scandals' packed theatres for over a decade. He featured on radio and was a star of ten feature films.

Randle, real name Arthur McEvoy, performed for a good deal of his early career under the name of Arthur Twist, hence the title of this volume, which takes you on the road with the young aspiring comic. We discover the burning ambition that was inside the young lad from Wigan and the struggles and efforts he put into becoming one of Britain's top comedians.

Learn of his encounters with fellow artistes, the established stars and those 'bottom of the bill'. Throughout its pages the usual traits associated with Randle unfold, the drinking, the early signs of his temper and his jealousies.

The book also features some of the stars with whom Randle shared many a stage, including George Formby, Max Miller,
Max Wall, George Robey and Gracie Fields.

The theatrical World of Arthur Twist stands alone as a great read looking at variety theatre in the days before TV, the differing types of theatrical digs and of second rate productions in second rate theatres. In tracing his rise to the top this volume is an ideal companion to the major biography
'Wired to the Moon: Frank Randle - A Life'
by the same authors.

As an accompaniment to the book,
there is a complimentary 13 track Audio CD
‘Remembering Randle’
featuring his classic ‘Old Hiker’
and other comedy snippets.


A well illustrated 162 page A5 paperback (inc prelims & ends).

Available to order through all good book shops
(ISBN 9780951801253)

Or direct from the publishers £8.75 plus £1.55 p&p

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