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This book is still in print
and available TODAY

A wonderful book for all Frank Randle Fans
and British Comic Collectors

The Comic Strip antics of film comedian
Frank Randle
Culled from the pages of
Vintage ‘Film Fun’ Annuals and Comics.

Music Hall star and film comedian Frank Randle made ten films between 1940 and 1953. Although they never graced the screens of London’s West End and were savaged by the upper classes they were nonetheless money-spinners for the star and producers.

His 1947 Butchers Films production ‘When You Come Home’ was the inspiration for his inclusion in ‘Film Fun’. He appeared in the comic for the first time that same year with the strip continuing until 1955 two years after he had made his last film ‘It’s a Grand Life’ and two years before he died.

‘Film Fun’ was published by Amalgamated Press who had an in-house stable of talented artists. Randle was first caricatured by Harry Parlett and later A.T.'Bertie' Brown.
Parlett's two sons George and Reg also continued in the family tradition at the same firm.

Many of Frank Randle's ‘Film Fun’ cartoon strips have been brought together for the first time
in this publication.

Over 100 pages of vintage laughter
from HOYD Publishing

Just like the comic annuals of yesteryear there is space for you to personalise the book on the ‘This Book Belongs to…’ page.

The book also contains a four page illustrated run down of all
ten Frank Randle Films.

With a two page Introduction by
Philip Martin Williams
& David L. Williams

authors of the comprehensive Frank Randle Biography
‘Wired to the Moon’ Frank Randle – A Life

This book is sure to become a collectors item
Make sure of your copy now
Not available in the shops.

Frank Randle’s ‘Film Fun’ can only be obtained by post from HOYD Publishing.
Please email for cheque payment instructions.

Priced £9.99 plus £1.55 P&P.


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