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The Hitchhiker¡¦s Guide to Bayview is greatly biased, but easily found over the Internet via typing ¡§The Hitchhiker¡¦s Guide to Bayview¡¨ on search engines such as Google, and clicking such corresponding buttons as ¡§I¡¦m Feeling Lucky¡¨. However, the Internet user may reconsider feeling lucky upon coming across the Hitchhiker¡¦s Guide to Bayview and it¡¦s dreadfully in depth coverage of it. Words can be avoided, but the many images reveal the same full exposure. A slower internet connection may assist in preparation.

Bayview Secondary School, for the lack of originality, named it ¡§Bayview Secondary School¡¨ because it¡¦s a secondary school on Bayview Avenue. But do not be deceived, the name conceals its true status as a jail with inadequate building material. (¡§School¡¨ is an undisclosed synonym for ¡§jail¡¨). Bayview Secondary School is more often referred to as Bayview or BSS. Clever students have come to the realization that BSS is a better acronym for ¡§Bull S*** School¡¨ because it occupies previous farm land, partially fertilized by bull excrement. Bayview¡¦s motto is oddly ¡§Friends learning together¡¨. The school colours are red, white, and black, originating from an uncreative mind staring at his/her typo-filled word document on a computer. Bayview's room plan is provided on the right.