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Tuesday, 29 June 2004
ShOuT oUtz

i want to say hi to some of my ppl

Guys:brent,corey,brett,eddie,mike,mike.s.,robbie,jaxon,mark b,macus,jacob,chris.m.,jonanthan colman
(if u want to b in let me know)

My FaB FouR:BabIicAkEz,CuTiEpIe,SwEeTcHeEkz,BaBiGrL
lindsay,nikki s.,meghan,jessie,amy,chelsea,kate,cassie,alyssa,nicole,nicole,angela,kristen,krystal,kelsey,
(if i 4got u let me know)

Posted by ab7/heavenangels22 at 8:09 AM
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Mi luv 4 u iz real

As I grow,mi luv 4 u,grows even more

Nothing will change da way I feel 4 u

No1 will take this feelin away from me

Mi lyf is now complete wit u

*Give me a *KiSs*
Give me the *wOrLd*
Give me your (LoVe) and ill be your girl..
Give me a *sMiLe*
Give me your *TiMe*
Give me your (LoVe) and i'll give you mine*

WhEn We'Re ApArT - mY hEaRt JuSt ShAtTeRs ::
:: BuT WhEn We'Re ToGeThEr nUtHiN eLsE rEaLLy MaTtErz ::
:: ExCePt Me WiTh yOu AnD YoU WiTh Me ::
: bOy I LoVe YoU MoRe ThAn YoU cOuLd EvEr SeE ::

>>dRiNk tRipLe *SeE dOubLe *acT siNgLe

: : cRAzy DaYz.hIlaRiouS nIghTs : :
: : bOy tAlks.n.sTupId fIghTs : :
: : No mAtTa WuT wE'll aLwAyz b TiGht : :
: : mIi GiRlS 4 eVa : :
: : 4 EvA sO rItE : :

I droped a *TeAr* in the (OcEaN)
& the day i FiNd it
is the day i will StOp *loving* you

i'Ve FiNaLLY ReALiZeD uR mY tRuE LoVe
AnD iVe hAd a LoT of TiMe tO tHiNk aBoUt iT
BuT uR tHe oNLy tHiNg i ThInK oF

~ No matter what people say im gonna love him [anyway]

L is for tha way u *LoOk* at me
O is for tha *only 1* i see
V is *vErY*vErY* extraordinary
E is ever more then *AnYoNe* that u adore..
*LoVe is aLL tHaT i CaN gIvE 2 u

Posted by ab7/heavenangels22 at 7:14 AM
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FaB FouR
idk wut i*d do wit out u grls...we always hav fun...even if we arent doin ne thing.. we hav soo many good memories together haha like me fallin while running into our movie oo man was that fuccn funni

Posted by ab7/heavenangels22 at 7:10 AM
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